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New video footage shows Roger Federer's wife Mirka calling Stan Wawrinka a 'crybaby'

A new video has emerged that reveals the exchanges between Stan Wawrinka, Roger Federer and his wife Mirka at the most tense and anxious moment of their semi-final at the O2 Arena on Saturday.

The video clearly shows Mirka “heckling” her husband’s Davis Cup partner Wawrinka.

The clip is from the 11th game of the final set, shortly after Wawwrinka had botched three match points with doomed serve-and-volley sallies to the net.

Wawrinka begins the exchange by pulling away as he is preparing to receive serve, Then he barks to umpire Cedric Mourier: “Not just before the serve, not just before the serve.” He had been becoming agitated by Mirka’s habit of shouting out encouragement for her husband between first and second serves, in a breach of tennis etiquette.

Now you can hear the word “Crybaby” coming in a female voice from the stands.

And then Wawrinka turns to Federer incredulously and asks “What did she say?” as the crowd starts to jeer and whistle.

 Wawrinka was so agitated after the match - which Federer won on a third-set tie-break - that the two men began arguing in the tunnel and had to be ushered into a makeshift gym at the side of the court to sort out their differences.

The Swiss team have clearly patched up the row for the moment, judging by a team photo posted on Twitter by Federer last night that showed Wawrinka making a comedy “rabbit” gesture behind his old friend’s head.

But they have not yet been asked about the incident on Saturday night, except for a vague question in the press conference that night to Wawrinka about what had upset him late in the third set.

“Not much,” was his cryptic reply. “Nothing special. Tense match. It's never easy.”

The Swiss team are due to speak this afternoon in Lille, ahead of their Davis Cup final with France which starts in front of a record crowd of 27,000 on Friday afternoon.

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