Wednesday 18 September 2019

WATCH - Sebastian Vettel involved in bizarre crash after Malaysian Grand Prix

Vettel was forced to hitch a ride back to the pit lane. CREDIT: FORMULA ONE
Vettel was forced to hitch a ride back to the pit lane. CREDIT: FORMULA ONE

Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari was left with three wheels attached following a bizarre incident that occurred after the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The four-time world champion had performed remarkably well to finish fourth in the last race to be held at Sepang.

But as the drivers cruised round back to the pit lane en route to Parc Ferme, Vettel clattered into Lance Stroll, forcing him to pull up and hitch a ride with Pascal Wehrlein.

Race stewards are investigating the incident, while team engineers will look into whether Vettel's mangled car will need a new gear box.

"It was completely unnecessarily," Vettel said afterwards.

On whether his gear box is damaged, he added: "I don't know. We need to see. We'll find a way."

"It's not my fault if somebody decides to pick up rubber and crashes into me."

Vettel, who had started in last place after engine problems stopped him setting a time in Saturday's qualifying, staged a remarkable recovery drive to fourth and was named driver of the day.

But the German now trails Hamilton by 34 points in the standings with five of 20 races left after the Brit finished second.

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