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Matthew Macklin caught up in armed garda raid: 'It was like something from a film'


Matthew Macklin

Matthew Macklin

Matthew Macklin

Former European middleweight champion Matthew Macklin has spoken of his shock after the Dublin apartment he was staying in was raided by armed gardaí yesterday.

Macklin, who is in Dublin to take part in a charity event to aid the Ireland team for the homeless World Cup, was staying at an apartment owned "by a friend of a friend of a friend" when it was raided yesterday.

""It was like something you'd see in a film when you see the FBI storming a house," the 32-year-old, who was in the apartment with his girlfriend , told the Irish Daily Star.

"There was about a half a dozen of them wearing the garda jackets and baseball hats.

"We were caught up in this completely innocently, I'm over here to take part in a charity gig and I was going to stay in the city.

"But a friend of a friend of a friend, I don't want to say who he is or get anyone in trouble, said he had a place and told me I could stay there.

"My girlfriend has never been to Ireland so I said yeah and we were staying there."

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