Wednesday 13 December 2017

looking for hole where the rain gets in

SHE may have won the architects' equivalent of the Noble prize (the 'Pritzker', seeing as you asked) in 2004 but we've bad news for Zaha Hadid: your Olympic aquatic centre is leaking!

No panic folks, you're not about to see Michael Phelps sucked down a plug-hole or anything; it's either the roof or the air-conditioning that's the problem.

The Irish Independent was among several journalists who noted water dripping onto their laptops yesterday from the spectacularly high roof.

It was pelting down outside at the time but a helpful volunteer assured us that it couldn't be the roof itself that was the problem because "it'd be pouring in then mate, wouldn't it?" So our only conclusion was: condensation.

Still, after spending nearly £250m (over three times the original £75m) on an admittedly stunning construction, you'd have thought it shouldn't have any problems.

Irish Independent

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