Wednesday 21 February 2018

Kellie Maloney: I have closed the door on Frank, but it's difficult to have a normal life

Kellie Maloney
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Boxing promoter Kellie Maloney has said she has received a huge amount of support since returning to the sport, but admits life since the sex change is not without its difficulties.

Maloney, the high profile British boxing promoter who led Lennox Lewis to a world heavyweight title, announced in 2013 that he was quitting the world of boxing and undergoing gender reassignment to become a woman.

Kellie told The Anton Savage Show on Today FM that she was miserable as Frank and looking back, she “saw such sadness in his eyes”. But that’s all changed for the better since her transformation:

“I’ve never been so happy and contented," she maintained. "I think I’ve closed the door on Frank. Now I look at everything around me and I see life in technicolour now”.

Maloney said the support within the boxing world has been uplifting.

“Lennox [Lewis] put out a statement and set the tone. He was praiseworthy, said how brave I was.  Kellie joked: Who’s gonna argue with Lennox Lewis?!”

An up and coming amateur boxer called Tony Jones contacted Kellie and asked her to manage him. She refused at first but the boxer was persistent so she finally agreed. Jones will make his pro debut on a show in Glasgow on 23 May.

"It's like starting all over but with 30 years of knowledge, [Being Kellie] was something that was inside of me, something I had no control over”.

Some critics have argued that the return to boxing is merely a publicity stunt, something she strongly denies.

“This is something you’re born with. If you’re born with an illness doctors can spot it. This is an illness of unbalanced hormones and your mind not settled. It’s not an illness that people see.

"It’s a condition that people can’t see. As you develop, you realise that the person you are isn’t you.’”

Kellie also spoke about Bruce Jenner, the famous stepfather of Kim Kardashian who is reportedly in the process of transitioning to a woman.

“The likes of Bruce Jenner and I... I do think the pressures helped. It’s made people more aware of me. But wherever I go people recognise me. It’s been very hard for me to live a normal life, and I think it will be the same for Bruce Jenner”

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