Saturday 21 September 2019

'It was a consensual act'... This is how the abuse by paedophile Tom Humphries was framed' - Paul Kimmage Newsdesk Newsdesk

Sunday Independent sports writer Paul Kimmage has written a candid portrait of paedophile Tom Humphries.

Kimmage details his visit to see the former Irish Times sports journalist in a psychiatric hospital in 2011 as well as providing an insight into the writer's disturbed mindset.

In his 3874 word-account, Kimmage discloses how Humphries told him that his abuse of the girl was consensual and that she didn't want to speak to the guards or see him jailed.

Kimmage writes: "The girl had a name. They had met when his relationship crashed and his spirits were low. She was almost 17. He had made a terrible mistake and inflicted unbearable pain on their families but the girl was fine.

"She hadn't wanted to speak to the guards. She didn't want to see him jailed. It was a consensual act. This is how the abuse by paedophile Tom Humphries was framed."

Kimmage also writes about his conflicting emotions when visiting Humphries, when citing his work in his own pieces, not knowing how to act when he attended his trial in court.

He also highlights the parallels between Humphries and former Chicago Tribune columnist Bob Greene and how Humphries became increasingly reluctant to meet with him in public places.

You can read the full piece in today's Sunday Independent.

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