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Irish 'Queen of Europe' fighting for funding to defend drifting title

Irish 'Queen of Europe' drifting champion Danielle Murphy is fighting to raise the funds to travel to Croatia and defend her European Drifting title.

The first ever 'Queen of Europe' is expected to head to Croatia on Monday to race in the final stage of the Championship in the fight to keep the title for a second year.

Currently the highest ranked female drift car driver in Europe, Murphy has won the first two rounds of the 2014 Championship and is faced with a bill of thousands before she can compete in the third and final stage.

"The ferry, accommodation...I'm completely self-funded which is, at this stage, impossible".

"You hit so many brick walls... it's gut-wrenching".

Each European event costs Murphy an average of €5,000, which is spent on ferries and fuel for transporting driver and car. This figure does not include tyres for the car, which need to be replaced regularly. While in Europe, she sleeps in her van to both cut costs and to ensure her car is not stolen from the trailer overnight.


Murphy cries upon winning the title of 'Queen of Europe'.

The only Irish driver in the competition, she is desperately trying to raise funding to be able to compete in the third stage. "I haven't even got money to book a ferry".

Murphy competed in the first two stages thanks to the donation of a van by Nissan #NextGen campaign, and the donation of trailer by West Wood tyres. She funded her own transport, accommodation and entry fees.

"I came home with literally €30 in my pocket... a normal wage just doesn't cover the expense needed".

Murphy refuses to accept defeat and PledgeSports have launched a fundraising campaign to get her to Croatia. "I'm not even thinking like that. I have to think positive... giving up is never an option for me".

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The total raised currently stands at €700 and Murphy has until Monday to raise the remaining €6,300 needed.

Murphy built her car, the 'Green Monster', from "the ground up". She builds, maintains and transports the car to each event by herself.



Murphy maintains the 'Green Monster' herself - pictured here checking the engine during the 'Queen of Europe' championship 2013.

"Thanks to everyone who got me to round one and two. There's just the championship left to take. Please support me - I won't come home without the title".

Her mother, Caroline Dungan, says the family are "so proud" of her.

"Her brothers have drift cars too... (but) she's the only one who took it to the next level, and she'll keep taking it to the next level".

"She hasn't come up for air.. (since Bulgaria). Maybe she'll burn out when she's my age... I'm not worried because it's her passion".

Online streaming of past drifting events on her website have attracted over 120,000 viewers.

Murphy has been invited to compete in the 'Kings Of The Kings' superfinal, in which she would be both the only Irish driver and only female driver to compete.

"I am very proud and honoured to be able to represent my country at such a level.... I make sure everyone knows I'm from Ireland".

She also hopes to compete in the final stage of the Irish Drifting Championships in Mondello in September, in which she will compete against the top Irish drivers.

You can follow Danielle on Facebook here, donate to her campaign here and follow her on Twitter here.

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