Monday 23 April 2018

'He can't tie his shoelaces but he thinks he's a snooker champion' – The Irish toddler (3) that is making global headlines

Declan Whooley

Declan Whooley

More than 200,000 viewers around the world have witnessed the incredible snooker skills of Adam Wynne, and his family have admitted their shock at the global response.

Three-year old Adam has become a YouTube sensation after a video of his sublime potting ability was posted online last Friday.

The youngest of three children to Sean and Elaine in Boora, just outside Tullamore, the budding player has shown composure and ability beyond his years and his exploits have been lauded right around the world.

"I have friends in Australia who were texting and ringing last night after the clip featured on the 'Perth 9 News," Adam's uncle Bernard told

"The response has been incredible. You have to remember that Adam has only just begun pre-school and can't even tie his own shoelaces, yet he is able to handle a cue and pot incredibly well."

While the family have a 6x3ft table in the house, eager Adam was keen to test himself on his father's adult table in the games room.

Offaly youngster Adam Wynne (3) has become a YouTube star following a video of his snooker skills that was posted online last week
Offaly youngster Adam Wynne (3) has become a YouTube star following a video of his snooker skills that was posted online last week

According to Bernard, Adam has had a cue in his hand from before he was able to walk and has always shown a huge interest in the game.

The idea of putting together clips of Adam in action – some of the shots are from when he was only two and a half – came about because the youngster enjoyed watching himself on a screen so much.

"Like any child, he loves looking at himself, and kept asking when he was going to be put on YouTube. We decided to put together some of his best shots and he loves it."

And just how has Adam dealt with the new found fame?

"He has no idea," Bernard admitted, "he just wants to keep watching the shots. He has to ask his mother Elaine how to spell his name so he can find it on YouTube."

"He is telling anyone that will listen, "I am the champion".

The Irish youngster boasts a highest break of 19 and if his style of play is anything to go by, Ronnie 'Rocket' O'Sullivan is likely to be his hero.

"When he plays he says "faster, faster' and has little patience at the table. So much so that his Dad went and bought a t-shirt for him with the words 'faster snooker' written on the front."

Even before his found Internet fame, word was quickly spreading of the abilities of the rising star.

"Sean took Adam to a snooker club in Carlow, but they weren't keen on allowing him in as the minimum age is 15.

"'Just watch him hit a few shots,' his father pleaded and they duly let him in with special dispensation."

The family have looked on YouTube to find any other young players with similar ability, but at his age, Adam is the only child they have found who is able to walk around the table and pot.

"He's a big boy for his age, and is more comparable in size to a five or six-year old."

The views for the clip is closing in on a quarter of a million views on YouTube and continues to rise at a rapid pace.

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