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haye's publicity stunts...

David Haye's renowned self-promotional skills helped him secure a unification bout with Wladimir Klitschko and he now hopes his tactics have won him the psychological war ahead of Saturday's collision. We examine some of the Londoner's more memorable publicity stunts during the long-running feud with Klitschko:

02 ambush

World cruiserweight champion Haye is looking to make waves in the heavyweight division in 2008 and hears of Klitschko's presence at an event at the 02 Arena in London. Seizing his chance, the brash upstart ambushes Klitschko in front of the cameras and calls out the champion, successfully setting the wheels in motion.

The infamous t-shirt

Haye produces a T-shirt emblazoned with a mocked-up image of him holding aloft the severed, bloody heads of Klitschko and his elder brother Vitali. The stunt riles the brothers but also slightly tarnishes Haye's reputation.

Social network slurs

Throughout the three-year saga, Haye's reputation as the world's pound-for-pound trash-talking champion is further enhanced by regular unpleasant jibes on Twitter, ranging from crude plays on wording to violent boasts about seriously hurting his nemesis.

Poor conduct

As the pair embark on their promotional tour, Haye refuses Wladimir's handshake every time it is offered in an unsophisticated attempt to fan the flames further.

iPhone app

Haye introduces a game to the burgeoning smartphone 'app' market called 'David Haye's Knockout', with users playing as Haye aiming to knock the head off a giant eastern European. Though crude, the game sells well and garners yet more headlines.

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