Tuesday 21 November 2017

Have your say: Unique insights show write stuff

John Cuffe really hit the nail squarely on the head with his wonderfully constructed and withering letter about the coverage of sport on Sky Sports [Feb 6].

His description of the ineptitude of Dean Windass is priceless: "I close with the nightmare vision of looking as Dean Windass tries to put four consecutive words together as a match summariser for Sky. Windass gives the impression of a rabbit caught in the headlights as he stares wide-eyed into the camera as he tries to remember what to say".

What a description, and how right John Cuffe is. I have read at least one other letter of Cuffe's in your paper, and I have been struck by the unique manner in which he is an observer of sport and indeed issues much wider than sport. His article in last week's Western People about the demise of lighthouses in this country is one of the finest observations of modern Ireland that I have read in recent years.

I hear many of my acquaintances ask "Who is John Cuffe?" I wonder how long it will be before your paper or some other paper gives him a weekly platform to deal with social and sporting issues. Then we will all know who this writer is and be able to share his unique insights into modern Ireland.

Ed Maguire

Jerseys devalued by lack of loyalty

Warning to all soccer fans who like to purchase over-priced replica jerseys of their favourite team and have a player's name emblazoned on the back.

Just don't bother. Loyalty, allegiance and patriotism to clubs nowadays doesn't exist. Players are a mere commodity bought and sold as seen.

Just like the tacky shirts with out-of-date names on them on the reduced rail.

Vincent O'Connell

Carra puts £50m in his back pocket

I would like to know what Dion Fanning meant by the line, "Nobody can question Carragher's desire to be at the club but many now have to ask if he should be" [Feb 6].

I'm sure in hindsight Dion would wish to retract that line as last Sunday, once again, Carragher showed exactly why he is at Liverpool and that while he can remain standing upright for 90 minutes, he will always remain at Anfield.

If Dion wants a headline for his next piece, how about, 'Carragher seen leaving Stamford Bridge with £50 million in his back pocket'?

Gary Callan

Robbie needs

to work harder

With regard to Eamonn Sweeney's piece about Robbie Keane [Feb 6], I would have to disagree with a lot of what he said.

Robbie hasn't just been dire in the last few matches for Ireland, he has been dire for the past three years. He had two great chances to win the match against France but, typical Robbie, two hands in the air appealing to the ref.

Kevin Doyle puts in more work one game than Robbie does in six.

I watched Keane last Sunday against Birmingham when he was substituted -- need I say more.

Con McMenamin

Club involvement hits most counties

Just read John Greene's article in today's paper [Feb 6].

Roscommon play Longford today, how many St Brigid's players will be playing for them?

How many Cross [Crossmaglen] and Kilmacud Crokes players were playing last week in the Dublin-Armagh game?

And did we see any Nemo [Rangers] players on show for Cork against Kerry? Of course we won't because they are all playing in an All-Ireland semi-final in three weeks. Poor article.

Crokes have a Wicklow player playing centre-back in Brian McGrath . . . Micko's exact words to him after he won Leinster, 'I don't want to see you again 'til after Paddy's day'.

Your article was rubbish.

Nicky McGrath

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