Friday 17 November 2017

Have your say: G-Mac a bib too far for Williams

I was appalled at the behaviour of Tiger Woods' caddie Steve Williams on the 72nd hole last Sunday night.

Before Graeme McDowell took his last putt, Williams took off his official bib and stood almost in G-Mac's line of vision -- as much as to say, "Tiger is beside the hole, this tournament is over".

Fair play to G-Mac -- he sank the putt and that monumental boar had to sheepishly put back on his bib and trundle off to the play-off hole.

At best his conduct was discourteous (golf is supposed to be the opposite) but at worst it was crass gamesmanship.

Will anybody have the gumption to take him to task or is everybody still tiptoeing around Tiger Woods?

Congrats G-Mac.

Bernard O'Byrne

O'Brien's true grit an inspiration to all

We need to accentuate the positives at the moment. We feel let down by our banks and the political system combined, but we have amazing people in our country. One of whom is Corkman and fantastic endurance athlete, Dave O'Brien. He came home to Cork in the last week of November having completed one of the most gruelling tests of human endurance in the world, the 200k run/race across Antarctica in -20 degrees. And, to qualify, he had to run two out of three previous races: China's Gobi March, Chile's Atacama Crossing or Egypt's Sahara Race. He did all three of about 250k distance each.

It is collectively called the 'Racing the Planet' series and, by golly, the distances are enormous. He is the first Irishman and Corkman to do so and only the third person to do it and it has to be done in one year. He once said he would keep on running in a race to the point where he would only stop if his internal organs were at risk of packing it in.

He has also done the Marathon DC Sables in Morocco twice, and climbed Ireland's seven highest mountains in one day, raising a good amount of money for the Chernobyl Children's Fund. He gives talks worldwide on his endurance challenges and on health and nutrition on how to feel more alive in our lives. He was given a standing ovation by a very impressed audience of 5,000 in Memphis, USA early in the year. He is truly a "true grit" man and I am truly awed by his feats, with more to come I am sure in 2011. Surely and hopefully deserving of a Sunday Independent Person of Month award for December?

Mary Sullivan

Pádraig clocking up unfair attention

I wonder if I am alone in thinking that there is somewhat more than a fair amount of official involvement with the great Pádraig Harrington.

He was called to order some two years ago when he had Tiger Woods on the rack on 17 in their final round, and with serious/disastrous consequences.

Pádraig was again put on the clock early during his second round in Sun City on Friday week last.

And, as mentioned by the commentators, it seems there was no allowance for calls of nature or upset stomachs.

Pádraig may not be the Speedy Gonzalez of the world's fairways but it does seem he is singled out for special and unhelpful attention by Mr Paramore.

Pádraic Gearty

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