Friday 24 November 2017

Have your say: Bit O'Red unites world's Rovers

Eamonn Sweeney's article [Nov 21] was a great social commentary on how something so simple like a game of football can give you such a lift.

Rovers are definitely my team and I've taken my love of the Bit O'Red everywhere. A few years ago, I was teaching in a Mexicano ghetto suburb of the city of Phoenix, Arizona and as we were eight hours behind Ireland I was able to stream a few games over the internet in my classroom to the kids I was teaching (an away game against Waterford in the cup three years ago was one). Thanks to this we are well supported in Goodyear, Arizona! Last year I watched the final online in my apartment in Abu Dhabi. This year I watched it online again in my living room here in Perth, Australia.

I wish I was at home for it, but I guess that's the way it goes. This season 10 years ago ('99/'00) we got knocked out of the cup by a non-league outfit from Dublin, Bluebell United. I was at the game and I still remember everything. The pain of it. It will be easy for people to say 'I was there' regarding last Sunday's game. But that night against Bluebell (and plenty more besides) are proof of my dedication to a great wee club.

Ronan Kelly

Trading it all for one perfect day

As a Sligo Rovers supporter for over 40 years, I would like to congratulate you on your article last Sunday.

During last week I had anticipated that the back page would be about Rovers but this surpassed anything I had imagined. You perfectly described how I myself felt at 6.0pm on November 14. For me, everything came together on that day -- huge crowd, new stadium, Shamrock Rovers, Ndo playing for us, and we won! Like you, I traded future success if only we could win that day. I don't think that day will be equalled.

Martin Murphy

Only way is up on the rollercoaster

I really loved the article in last Sunday's Indo. As a lifelong fan of Shels and the league itself, it really resonated with me.

Like you, ever since I went to the Shels-Rovers Cup semi-final in 1981 (or was it '82?) as a seven-year-old with my uncles I've been hooked. Eamonn is one of the few sports journalists who write about the league, and that's very refreshing in a league that's largely ignored by the media.

In a very uncertain time for the country, the one certainty in my life is the league will return next March and the rollercoaster starts again . . . Friday nights watching the Late Late just don't compare!

Karl Brady

There's more to life than Man Utd

It may come as quite a surprise and shock to many Irish people, but there are actually some people who believe there are more important things in life than Manchester United soccer club.

Jerry Daly

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