Saturday 18 November 2017

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Tribal view all too depressing

Eamonn Sweeney was correct to say that GAA clubs are entitled to choose the names of their grounds but completely wrong to suggest that the issue was simply their own business (Hold the Back Page, October 27).

The GAA is the biggest sporting organisation on both sides of the Irish border, and its decisions deserve to be discussed and taken seriously both inside and outside its ranks. More specifically, the GAA accepts public money from the northern administration for upgrading of its facilities and has a basic responsibility to explain how those funds are spent.

The GAA's Ulster Council has made enormous efforts to reach out to other traditions and the tribalism in Sweeney's counter-argument was depressing.

Kevin Sheridan

Joseph a fine role model

In these days of endless talent shows with new stars emerging daily, isn't it wonderful to celebrate a real star in our champion jockey Joseph O'Brien.

Joseph has surpassed the total of 115 winners in a season set by the legend that is Mick Kinane.

But of much more importance than the mere statistics is the calibre of man young Joseph has become. Despite riding numerous winners both here and in England, including the Epsom Derby, he has maintained his dignity and class.

He is always modest, courteous and so articulate in interviews. He never fails to share his success with all those people who have helped him to progress to the top. The old adage "serving your time" to achieve your goals seems to be losing its importance in today's "overnight success" world. Joseph is no flash in the pan. He has worked his way up to the champion's position, a mantle that lies very comfortably on his young shoulders.

There is hope for us all on this little island with role models like Joseph O'Brien.

P Burke Walsh

O'Hehir's first broadcast

Errors in newspaper articles are often copied and become the handed-down knowledge in certain areas. For the record, with reference to the extract you carried from the book on the All-Ireland final played in the Polo Grounds, New York, Micheál O'Hehir's first broadcast, of an All-Ireland semi-final from Mullingar, was of the game between Monaghan and Galway, not Monaghan and Dublin. Galway went on to beat Kerry in the final, after a replay. A correction might ensure that an error of fact is not perpetuated.

P McGinn

Keano shows Dáil potential

Did I read right in last week's 'Have Your Say' that Robert Sullivan said 'offer Roy Keane a seat in the Dáil'? Not a bad idea at all, as he has common sense and is stable and respected by his side-kicks. And the bit of ego is needed.

He has some bloom left too. It could be a step in the right direction. Meanderings of a woman . . .

K Corrigan

All is not lost for rules series

Indifference on the part of the Australian team looks to have sounded the death knell for the rules series. This apathy was best exemplified by the Australian public's decision to vote with their feet during the last series played in Australia. Boredom was the main reason given.

Ironically, it was the Australians' difficulty in mastering the round ball in past series that led them to adopt a possession game. Inevitably, this sowed the seed for the way the game of Gaelic football has evolved in this country. (Not for the better in many people's eyes.)

The rules series is still eminently fixable if the powers that be would adopt a more enlightened approach, such as a restriction of the mark to a more forward area of the pitch. This would eliminate the stop-start nature of the game which is currently squeezing the life out of it.

R Ryan

Ndo tribute hit the target

Once again a quality piece of journalism from Eamonn Sweeney.

Never was a truer word written about the best player ever to play in the League of Ireland – Joseph Ndo. Excellent work, keep it up.

J O'Reilly

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