Sunday 25 February 2018

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Silver linings after Irish exit

Now that we know our World Cup fate, perhaps we could look on the bright side? With half the country having emigrated already, the last thing we needed was for the other half to clear off for a month next summer, spending what little money they had left in Brazil rather than at home. Now there's a welcome boost for the economy for a start.

And then there is a new career opportunity for Shane Long and Anthony Pilkington based entirely on their current facial appearance. Clearly they both live in houses without mirrors or WAGS to say: 'God you're not going out looking like that'.

Anyway, if they were both to spend about €30 down at Carrolls on a few green and orange bits they could get jobs at the airport welcoming stragglers from the US to The Gathering or outside Clerys or Arnotts in December muttering 'begorrah' or 'top o' the mornin' to shoppers. Every cloud.

S Barrow

Sign of

the times

I've just read the piece about the cricket match between the Gentlemen, the Military and two IRA gunmen. In another time, the last line could have read 'Provos stopped play'.

J Ward

Blame game way off mark

What a brittle, brainless bunch us Irish 'commoners' must be, if the words of Mr T Broderick are to be taken seriously [''Pub banter' causes offence', Have Your Say, Sept 15].

A jovial brief chat by some Sunday Game analysts about a spot of betting and downing a few pints and this means that we're all going to gamble away our house (those of us that have one that is) down at the bookies while making our way to the nearest hostelry to get inebriated.

Heck, perhaps we should ban the announcement of stock market news on the airwaves in case it encourages us 'dumb masses' to get involved in that dirty business too. A typical Irish attitude, blame somebody else for any 'problems' we may have. The phrase 'grow a pair' springs to mind. In any case, you need to have a long, hard look at yourself if you heed the word of those working with the state broadcaster.

B Corrigan

Anthem antics let GAA down

I wish to comment on the lack of respect shown to the pre-match playing of our National Anthem in both football and hurling championship matches.

In the last few years, it appears that the Anthem finishes at "Lámhach na bpiléar" and the players break formation. During the rendition of the Anthem some players do not remove helmets, some continue their loosening-out exercises, and very few stand to attention. So much for protocol.

The GAA espouses and promotes our Gaelic heritage, and the above treatment of our National Anthem is just not good enough.

A good example is to observe the manner in which the French, Welsh and Italian rugby teams perform their anthems during the Six Nations, especially the French who sing the La Marseillaise with pride and fervour.

F Brennan

Rebels lucky to be still in it

How hard is it to please some people? On reading Dermot Crowe's piece last Sunday, if you didn't see the game you would believe Cork were so hard done by that they should be awarded the game. The time-keeper always states that extra-time is a minimum of the time stated.

Is this the same Cork team that had a red-card decision rescinded earlier in the competition and the offender who Cork people thought had scored the winner on September 8 came back and scored 12 points against Kilkenny in the next game?

What about the non-dismissal of Shane O'Neill in the final when his crime to all and sundry was more serious than that of Pat Horgan against Limerick? I didn't hear the Clare folk demanding that the footage be looked at again. Maybe we could talk about the double foul on the Clare full-back and a free in was awarded?

As a Munster man and a great lover of the game, it saddens me to see such a great final being degraded because of "23 seconds of extra extra-time". If you stand back and look at this objectively and discard the tunnel vision, you have to say that Cork are very lucky to have a second chance.

Brian Gavin is a top-class referee and the rumblings from some quarters that he played on to allow Clare grab an equaliser is ludicrous and is a blemish on his credibility. Here's to another great encounter where hurling once again will be the winner.

J Hunt

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