Monday 18 December 2017

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Black card needs sideline support

Now that the black card has been introduced (from next year) in Gaelic football, it's time that team coaches and managers did their bit to get their teams to play a more open game and not be obsessed with possession.

Continuous use of the handpass is the major cause of all the pulling and dragging and the Football Review Committee (FRC) should have concentrated more on this matter.

A simple and easy rule to administer would have been: three handpasses followed by a kick pass. This would have cut out the overuse of the handpass in my opinion and made for a more free-flowing game.

I was also disappointed that the motion to extend all games to 70 minutes failed, receiving only 16 per cent backing. What harm would it have done?

Club teams are fitter now and the extra time would have been no problem. Rugby is 80 minutes; Soccer 90 – the GAA is the only code that has two different playing times.

Aidan O'Connor

Nadal's claims to being the greatest

Is Rafael Nadal the greatest player of all time?

Before you answer definitively look at the stats: He holds the highest winning percentage of 83 per cent with 600 matches won out of 723. Federer is 81.5 per cent, Borg was 82.7 per cent. Nadal leads the head-to-head rivalries with Federer 19-10 and Djokovic 19-14. He has won 22 Masters titles, Federer 21 and Djokovic 13. Federer is 31, Nadal 26 and Djokovic 25. Federer of course has 17 Grand Slams to Nadal's 11. Djokovic has six. Federer has also held the world No 1 ranking for more weeks than any other player!

However, Nadal has won Olympic Gold in singles and been the mainstay of numerous Spanish Davis Cup triumphs. Both Nadal and Federer are in an elite group of seven players to have won career Grand Slams.

Given the stats the argument could be put that how can you be considered the greatest player of all time if you are not the greatest in your own era?

Mike Geraghty

'The Couch' needs to soften its bias

I would like to express my disappointment that a well-respected newspaper allows someone like Tommy Conlon on The Couch to regularly write such highly abusive one-sided articles about Manchester United through the eyes of the self-confessed Liverpool supporter which he is.

He does not make any attempt to disguise his blatant hatred of and deep hostility towards United.

His recent article about the Champions League encounter against Real Madrid is just one example in relation to both the heading and content.

Might I suggest that a fair, unbiased regular article written by a fair-minded writer would be far more becoming of your well-respected newspaper?

And I would be absolutely delighted to get a shot at it!

Thanking you for all your otherwise excellent sports coverage in particular, which I really enjoy.

Eamonn Ryan

Rugby Grand Slam deserved better

Your lack of coverage in the last two editions of your newspaper of the magnificent Irish ladies rugby team, and the wonderful achievement of winning the Championship – and the Grand Slam – is most disappointing.

Mick O'Brien

Idiots spoil a good night in Tallaght

I read Eamonn Sweeney's article with interest this morning (March 17). I was a regular Rovers supporter back in the Milltown days, and still have the programmes to prove it, but dropped off when they had to play in Tolka etc. When they moved to Tallaght I bought a season ticket for my son and I. Unfortunately, he dropped off but I retained mine for a second year, and was enjoying it to a degree.

I did not renew my season ticket in 2012 or this year and have not returned and probably won't again.

One of the reasons is the inane chants from the Rovers fans, which are still set in the 1960s and '70s. But also there have been bottles and other objects thrown.

The potential for having a great product in Tallaght with excellent facilities and a good team is there, but the overall enjoyment of this is ruined by a fan mentality that remains in the dark ages.

A pity really, but I am unlikely to return. I can see some of it on telly without having to listen to idiots.

Alan Jones

Irish Independent

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