Thursday 14 December 2017

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Hurling rules could do with review too

I don't see any proposals for changes in hurling compared to football for which there is plenty.

One change in hurling I would like to see is the throw ball. Another I'd like to see is the game started with a puck-out by one team, and then the other in the second half. After all, the game is restarted in this way after a score or a wide.

In the case of the 'throw ball' the referee should rush in to collect the sliotar and throw it in the air. Players do have to deal with high balls all the time in a game so this should be no problem. The referee should do this quickly so the game can go on. As the rule stands, with the sliotar being rolled into a huddle, it is dangerous.

Seamus Denton

Sweeney excels in his tribute to Páidí

The celebration of my 60th birthday on December 23 was greatly enhanced by reading Eamonn Sweeney's wonderful article about the life of the late Páidí ó Sé. The last paragraph, in particular, is a magnificent example of Sweeney's consummate command of the English language.

Noel Farry

Ring and Ó Sé linked by medals

How many people are aware of the fact that Páidí ó Sé and the legendary Christy Ring both won their eight All-Ireland medals in the same way – through a four-in-a-row, a three-in-a-row and a single?

Jerry Daly

Reclaiming Leahy for Co Limerick

In the edition of the Sunday Independent [Dec 16], in Have Your Say, Mr J Healy gave an excellent reply to a piece by Eamonn Sweeney.

However, he made one observation which was factually incorrect.

He stated that Cornelius Leahy, who won an Olympic silver medal at the 1906 Olympics, was from Creggane, Charleville, Co Cork. However, Leahy was not a Corkman.

Creggane, though contiguous to Charleville, is in fact a townland in the parish of Colmanswell in Co Limerick. Thus the Leahy family were Limerick people.

John P Collins

Jimmy details his memorable career

There are many high-profile Irish memoirs out at the moment but Memory Man by RTE sports and Olympics commentator Jimmy Magee with Jason O'Toole gets my vote.

It has humour, stories, sadness too and details his broadcasting career from 1956 and includes his scoop at his first Olympics in 1972 in Munich, where he was the first journalist to report on the taking hostage of 11 Israeli athletes.

Then came the tours to the US in the 1970s/'80s for the Jimmy Magee All-Stars charity matches. Christy Ring went on one and while watching a baseball match before their own, Jimmy asked him would he like to give it a try.

So Christy asked the baseball players how do you hold the bat etc (knowing already) and the pitcher threw a lowish pitch and Christy hit it over the horizon first go and he dropped the bat and said, 'That's a home run, isn't it?'

Magee has been a loyal supporter of Ireland's boxing teams at every Olympics since 1972 to this generation of Katie Taylor.

His career has had 'howlers' too, like on one radio show when a caller rang in with a question. "I suppose," wrote Jimmy, "my embarrassing moment has to be on this show when a caller came through speaking in Irish, and I don't know enough Irish to conduct a conversation on the national airwaves. I knew I had to say something, as I couldn't be totally rude or ignorant, so I said, 'Agus ainm?' 'Seán . . .'

"I didn't know what 'address' was in Irish, so I said, 'As Corcaigh?' And he replied, 'Ní hea, as Luimneach'. Then he asked a question, and I hadn't a clue what he was saying. I had to think on my feet, so I started saying, 'Hello! Seán? Seán? . . . We seem to have lost him there . . .' And he's saying, 'No, you haven't! I'm here'. 'No, we've lost Seán. We'll try him again.' And I took him off the air, because I could think of no other way of getting out of it."

Jimmy has done Tours de France and at the 1987 one, he went to the cyclists' medical area when he heard they had a new laser treatment as he had a sore leg. When he emerged, he found four waiting cyclists, one of whom was Seán Kelly, who said: "So, you're the man who is holding us up! That's gas, we're riding in the Tour de France and Magee is in the tent!"

A pleasant book and an uplifting account of his life and career in which he met many great people and the odd few who weren't!

Mary Sullivan

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