Saturday 24 February 2018

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Lar doesn't give Cats due credit

I enjoyed the extract from Lar Corbett's autobiography [Oct 21], that was until you got to the comments on Kilkenny and Jackie Tyrrell. I can understand Lar's clash with Babs Keating -- that is between the two of them. However, I think it would be unfair to Jackie Tyrrell not to take Lar up on some of the points he made.

To say that Jackie spent all his time hitting him with no interest in the game is very much over the top. To quote, "the hurley was going to be a mere accessory because he had little or no interest in playing the game". If he didn't want to mark Jackie, why didn't he go to a position where Jackie might feel out of his comfort zone, which is not at No 4, 6 or 7. I also believe that the officials deserve a lot more credit than he gives them. A back's job, is to stop his opponent scoring, which Jackie did.

Also, to look at Lar running around after Tommy Walsh in the semi-final was both hilarious and ridiculous. I thought his reaction to Tommy Walsh's unlucky yellow-card offence early in the match summed up where his was mind was at. At least he agreed with the referee's decision -- this time.

I'm glad to see that Tommy is no longer the target for bad press as Jackie has usurped his position! Next year this honour may fall to Paul Murphy. I couldn't help but notice TJ Reid and Michael Rice at their club championship matches at the weekend -- both out for at least another six months due to injury. Two serious injuries to two great players. Good job nobody received such injuries from any of the Kilkenny backs or we would be reading all about it.

Enough is enough. I think Lar should give credit where credit is due to what I consider to be the best team we have ever seen. He should give Tipperary hurling supporters a break and stop talking about a game that most Tipperary supporters would prefer to forget

Hopefully, for Lar's sake, the new Tipperary management will be able to get him back to doing what he was good at and stop all this crying about Jackie.

Kevin Fennelly

Sour grapes over Tipp pantomime

As an avid GAA man for more years than I care to remember, I read with interest your extract from Lar Corbett's new book All In My Head. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at his recollections of the games between Tipperary and my native Kilkenny.

He gives a great description of Tipp's win in 2010, and then moans about Kilkenny's, and in particular Jackie Tyrrell's, tactics against him in the 2012 semi-final. That game was going to be Tipp's redemption for their defeat the year before and my God how they went about it. Lar Corbett let himself, his club, his county, and his followers down in a big way. It reminded me of June Rodgers in the Christmas Pantomime rushing here and there and getting plenty of laughs into the bargain.

But the All-Ireland semi-final of 2012 was no pantomime as Tipp were never going to beat Kilkenny and Lar has some sour grapes here. He was flaked left right and centre (his own words) and the umpires just pointed at the boys and told them to stop. Lar, the way you carried on it would take one of those legendary old-time Tipp hurlers from the Toomevara Greyhounds to be able to lay a hand on you.

You seem to have a grudge against our All-Star corner-back Jackie Tyrrell, whom you accuse of hitting with the butt of the hurl, pulling and dragging you all over the place. When you play badly you blame the man not the tool and you should be a little more kind to Kilkenny and accept that on the day both you and Tipp had no answer to the Cats.

When you gave a five-star display in the 2010 final, Kilkenny fans acknowledged that it was a masterclass. It's nice to be exultant in victory but be gracious in defeat, take your beating like the man and hurler we know you are.

Jamesie Murphy

Applause for defiant Kimmage

Another stunning piece by Paul Kimmage on the Armstrong deception [Oct 21]. At the heart of the matter is not singularly the EPO cheat, but the brazen hypocrisy played out by Armstrong and that somehow he was untouchable. As someone, along with David Walsh, who has pursued this unsavoury mess, I applaud and welcome Kimmage's professionalism, and at justice finally done.

Steve Murray

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