Monday 19 March 2018

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Allow Delaney get on with job

I can see why John Delaney was unhappy at the end of his extensive interview with Dion Fanning in last week's Sunday Independent.

There were 12 questions relating to his interaction with supporters in Poland and other places and I'm not surprised the tape recorder was switched off several times during this period.

The poor man must be sick to his teeth at being held accountable for his social life by a profession that has a well-documented reputation for hard nights and head-splitting hangovers.

Who cares about what happened during a night out in Sopot? Was it the reason we lost three games at the Euros?

Why is it a sin for the top man in the FAI to mix with supporters who shelled out thousands of euro to be in Poland supporting the team?

It is quite obvious that John Delaney and his team did their job very well and that hasn't gone down well with those who are still infatuated with Saipan and still believe the FAI are incapable of doing anything properly.

The interview clearly showed that running the FAI is not an easy job, especially these days, so John Delaney should be allowed to get on with it and not spend his time explaining why he doesn't live like a hermit.

Sam O'Sullivan

A question

of support

A soccer team with mainly English accents supported by Irish-accented fans. Ireland or Manchester?

K Nolan

Time for our passing phase

In my opinion, and in football jargon, passing the ball means transferring possession of it from one player to another player in the same team. This enables the team in possession to deny their opponents control of the game. It enables the team in possession to dictate what happens next.

Like all professionals, our Irish footballers will have been coached and trained from a tender age and will be (or should be) familiar with the skills involved in controlling a football with their feet, knees, chest and heads etc . . . and subsequently in kicking or heading it accurately, in order to despatch it to team-mates, or towards goal.

The advantage of these basic skills is obvious, well, that's the theory . . . but, alas, in recent months/years I have been appalled at the visible inability of our players to perform these simple and basic tasks during football games. These tasks appear to be totally alien to our players.

Scenario: Player A receives the ball, controls it . . . players B, C, D etc move into a free position nearby (or even at a medium or long distance ) . . . player A "passes" the ball to B,C or D etc

. . . B,C or D controls it . . . players E, F, G (or A) move into a free position . . . the player "passes" it to one of them etc, etc, etc . . . how difficult is that ?

Not rocket science, is it? If Spain, or even Greece, or Denmark, or just about any other minnow football nation can do it, why is it so alien to Irish international players? Why?

Who's to blame for such basic failures? The manager? The coaches?

Or have Irish players been nurtured too much on 'bog-ball' and rugby where the one who can 'hoof' it the furthest into the clouds gets all the cheers?

Time to get smarter, guys; learn a new word -- 'passing'!

Jim Lunny

Francis too hard on Irish

I would like to say I was really disgusted at Neil Francis' headline in your sports page on Sunday last.

Sure we were all disappointed and a wee bit embarrassed at the huge score against us but I'm sure the Irish team went out to do their utmost to win which unfortunately wasn't enough on this occasion.

You can be sure they must have been pretty disgusted with themselves as they are human after all so I don't think it was up to someone like Neil Francis to castigate them in this fashion.

Kay Greene

Ex-out the City suits Limerick

With regard to Eamonn Sweeney's League of Ireland/Monaghan United column last Sunday, I would like to point out that Limerick FC haven't been called Limerick City for quite some time.

A good piece otherwise.

Trevor Meehan

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