Wednesday 17 January 2018

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Trap's approach

proving a turn-off

I write in relation to Giovanni Trapattoni and the Ireland set-up. I am furious watching our team and what is going on. This man is a disaster for Irish football.

I know people who have been going to watch Ireland for over 20 years who cancelled their tickets in protest. It's disgraceful football and even more disgusting to see our 'footballers' not get a look-in. I think most football fans would prefer we didn't qualify for Euro 2012. Anyone that can play football doesn't get a look-in.

I would also like to say that I fully support Roy Keane's comments. I don't think any real football fan will feel any different. His comments are being blown up to be more than they were, but he is right; the Irish fan should expect more. The problem is that football is hijacked once we qualify. I support rugby on the big occasions but I shouldn't be given voting rights in relation to it as I know little and I won't be the one losing sleep over it. The real fans were the ones crying and angry at the games. We expect more.

I emailed the FAI last September and told them I wouldn't be renewing my ticket, even if we qualified, if Trap is kept on. I wonder will the people who went for the party in Poland start paying into the Aviva when they get back on the cold, wintry nights.

John Dowling

Stubborn tactics end in disaster

What a brilliant article by Eamonn Sweeney [June 17]. I couldn't agree with him more, funny but deadly serious, when summing up Giovanni Trapattoni's performance as a manager. He is spot on. He must be the most stubborn man in the game. Imagine having to put up with this guy for another two years. As for Robbie Keane, he had a disastrous tournament. Will we need another referendum to have him dropped?

Con McMenamin

Supporters have no reason to cheer

I agree with everything Eamonn Sweeney said. The Irish team's football, or lack of, in this championship was extremely poor putting it nicely. We just don't have the players. Not sure any manager could do much with the players we have but some of Trap's decisions to leave certain players out were questionable.

On Roy Keane's comments, well the truth hurts it seems. He wasn't disrespecting the fans. I'm sure if Ireland played well, be it a draw or winning, I'm sure Roy would be the first to join in the sing-song. Yeah, the fans are great and always were but what's there to cheer about at the moment?

Kate O'Connor

'Fields' not much help to our cause

I know we Irish were MOPEs -- the most oppressed people ever. However, I can't help thinking that singing The Fields of Athenry has not been very uplifting for our soccer players and it hasn't been of much help to Liverpool either. Could we not have a more uplifting song? How about Slattery's Mounted Foot?

Tony Moriarty

Johnston transfer discredits Kildare

As a Kildare native, I am furious that the GAA has allowed the Seanie Johnston transfer to go through. This brings no credit on our county board or the club who helped make this happen.

The reasons put forward by Johnston was that he admired Kildare's style and the way Kieran McGeeney likes to play the game, plus the fact that he had developed close ties with a Kildare selector and the physio during his college days.

If these reasons were to be accepted, this would completely open the floodgates and undermine the whole foundations of the GAA, which is place and county loyalty. This can be found frequently in soccer where invariably when a coach or manager moves he very often brings a few players with him. Soccer clubs do not usually have a great sense of place.

The GAA have far too many committees. What is needed are clear rules and maybe a little bit of healthy dictatorship.

Paul Connolly

Church remains a relevant player

Despite Aisling Crowe's contention [Jun 17], being part of the Catholic Church -- like the GAA -- continues to engender a sense of belonging, place and community, bringing people together. In the past and at present. Both continue to contribute to contemporary Irish society, though if one were to read this article, you would come to the conclusion that the Church is now an artefact of history.

John Peters

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