Tuesday 21 November 2017

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Twins' presence strikes bum note

Spot the odd one out . . .

Paul McGrath, 83 caps for Ireland, one of our greatest players.

Sonia O'Sullivan, world champion and Olympic silver medallist at 5,000 metres.

Henry Shefflin, eight All-Irelands plus 10 All Stars.

Michael Carruth, gold medal in 1992 Olympic games.

Ronnie Delany, gold medal in 1956 Olympic games.

Ruby Walsh, almost 2,000 winners, most successful all-time jockey at Cheltenham Festival

Jedward, eighth and 19th place finishes in the Eurovision.

I can honestly think of hundreds, if not thousands, of Irish people more deserving of the honour of carrying the Olympic flame than Jedward.

Why not go all out, and give the torch to the Dublin Housewives or the Tallafornia cast for a few hours?

The fact that the torch-bearers were actually handpicked to include them is heartbreaking!

Best wishes to all the Irish competitors in London.

Sean Lawlor

Same old story from GAA refs

A Fermanagh player gets hit late off the ball. The referee does nothing so the player decides to administer his own retribution. Result, he gets a red card for his trouble and the instigator gets off scot-free. Same old story in the GAA.

Richard Lillis

O'Connor right to punish Donaghy

I am a consistent reader of Hold the Back Page and find the variety of sporting issues covered quite enjoyable. On most occasions I would not differ greatly from the expressed views.

However, I must disagree in relation to the piece on Kieran Donaghy/Jack O'Connor on June 3. Kieran Donaghy is without doubt a superb player and a key man for Kerry but that does not dilute the fact that, like all his colleagues, he is a panel member and that his primary loyalty and responsibility must be to his manager and his colleagues.

In that context, Jack O'Connor could hardly have been seen to have a different rule ethos for different players and given the subsequent breach by Donaghy, he could not in my view have allowed that breach to pass without some form of sanction as to do so would seriously undermine his own management status.

If, for instance, it had been an all-England Champions League final, O'Connor may have faced the situation whereby quite a number of his squad would have thrown championship preparations out of kilter one week prior to the start of the campaign. In the circumstances, I totally agree with the stance taken by O'Connor in this instance and I do not subscribe to the view that it was in any way personalised to Kieran Donaghy.

Finally, for the record please note that under Jack O'Connor's management Kerry have won three All-Irelands (2004, 2006, 2009), a record surpassed by Seán Boylan (1987/'88/'96/'99) and equalled by Kevin Heffernan (1974/'76/'83), whilst also the late Dr Eamonn O'Sullivan (in his role as trainer and selector) led Kerry to multiple All-Ireland successes in the 1930s/'40s/'50s.

Barry Walsh

Two sides to every contest, Colm

I am following Tipperary football all my life and reading Colm O'Rourke's column since he started. I shall continue the former but renege on the latter.

We do not have any famous players (yet) for him to mention but he could at least have mentioned in his column [May 27] that Kerry were playing against another team that day. That team's name is TIPPERARY.

Oh how he could hear from me if we ever manufacture a miracle.

Michael Teehan

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