Wednesday 24 January 2018

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Saipan tarnished brilliant displays

It was ridiculous to refer to Saipan as a civil war [May 13]. A civil war is where two views divide people. In the case of the people that mattered they all stuck to their task and supported their manager and did us proud. In doing so they held on to some of that magic that is the World Cup.

In 1970, I only saw the highlights of one game and half the final but I was caught by the global romance of the gathering. The real tournament for me took place in an unfinished dung stead which had a nicely plastered front wall and a heap of sand for diving onto to save the ball in Gordon Banks-like fashion. World Cups bring the best to the top.

The Keane affair overshadowed what were some brilliant displays by Irish players. I never witnessed a display like that of Damien Duff against the Spanish. But he never got the adulation.

It's as if we were preoccupied with the wet dream of possibly winning had we got Keane there .

I do hope we have grown up and enjoy being involved in the event.

Liam McDonnell

Time to leave our

old wounds alone

Euro 2012 kicks off on June 8 and, as the country warms up for this very welcome soccer extravaganza, I wonder whether we can forego the usual replay of Saipan, Mick McCarthy, potty-mouth Roy Keane or Thierry Henry's outstanding impersonation of Harlem Globetrotters legend Meadowlark Lemon.

I understand it may be a little too much to ask the pundit or sports journalist to think of something new to comment on but let's try and enjoy this competition for the right reasons, entertaining football, exciting matches and a party atmosphere no matter how well we get on.

C'mon you boys in green!

Vincent O'Connell

Sweeney gets to heart of matter

Eamonn Sweeney's excellent article about Roy Keane, Saipan, the FAI and other connected issues compels me to make a few assertions.

What Keane did in Saipan was an insult to Mick McCarthy, an insult to the team and an insult to the Irish people. Brian Kerr was very, very unlucky in his time as manager of the senior team and was sacked far too early. Eamon Dunphy's book Only A Game is a superb read and soars high above the disappointing dross and mediocrity of most soccer books. Eamonn Sweeney has a gift for getting to the point and portraying the relevant facts in a balanced and fearless fashion.

Jerry Daly

Mayweather feats worthy of acclaim

I am a big fan of your newspaper in particular your coverage of all things sport.

I am pleased that many column inches are dedicated to the great sportsmen and women that are active at the moment such as Lionel Messi, Rory McIlroy, Rafael Nadal, Alex Ferguson and so on.

However, there is one sporting star active at the moment who does not get any credit on our shores. He is Floyd Mayweather, possibly the greatest boxer of all time. A recent survey found that statistically when concerning how many times he hits and how little he gets hit he is by some way the best boxer of all time. This is a man who has never been beaten in 43 pro fights, has fought everyone worthy of facing him, and beat them well and is currently something like an eight-time world champion in six different weights, which is unbelievable.

So I think he should get the credit he deserves in Ireland and the world and should be exposed more to Irish sporting fans. I will be keeping an eye out for an article on the greatest sportsman of our generation.

Ciarán McConnell

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