Sunday 18 February 2018

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I've always admired the full blooded rendition of La Marseillaise at rugby matches, particularly in Paris. Phrases such as "against us tyranny's bloody standard is raised" and "they are coming into your midst to cut the throats of your sons and consorts" must act as a resounding rallying call to arms for Les Bleus, making Ireland's Call sound like the meekest of nursery rhymes.

However, the shenanigans of last Saturday night left the French Rugby Federation (FFR) dans le merde and both Irish and French supporters at the Stade de Farce fuming.

Going back to La Marseillaise, the exultation to "Frenchmen as magnanimous warriors/Bear or hold back your blows/Spare these sad victims" may offer some solace to the plight of the disgruntled supporters. Perhaps Taoiseach, you could have a word with your ami Nicholas, reminding him that one of his antecedents was, in fact, Irish. Indeed Patrice Maurice de MacMahon, who served as the first President of the 3rd Republic from 1875 to 1879, was not only of Irish descent, his ancestors came from that citadel of Irish rugby, Limerick. So Enda and Nicholas, please find a way to ensure that the present day Wild Geese can (peacefully) re-invade Paris on Sunday, March 4.

Mark Lawler

Farewell to true

Galway legend

Chick Deacy was the most modest sportsman I ever met. He was my first interview and I will never forget sitting on a crate at the back of Ernie's Shop talking to Galway United's greatest ever player! I interviewed Chick for my article 'Whatever Happened To The Team of '77'. It was such a good interview that not only did it set me up with the basis for a story featured in the Galway Advertiser but with plenty left over to induct Eamonn into the Galway United Legends Series for Maroon View. He rang me after it was published to say: "I can't believe it took a tennis player to make me famous again Mike."

The humble hero, who probably never realised how high he stood in all football followers' estimation, was honoured to receive his Legend Award at Terryland and actually wanted to pay for the complimentary tickets for himself and daughter Dawn to be there. I reminded him that at the previous home match there were still calls for his return to the midfield and he chuckled at the terrific memories he had with The Tribesmen. He scored our first goal in the League of Ireland, helped Aston Villa win the League and European Cup as well as playing for Ireland. The captain of the great Brazil team of 1982 Socrates passed away recently and I know Chick will be renewing their rivalry real soon. We will always miss you Chick . . . a genuine Legend!

Mike Geraghty

Sweeney puts

Rio in his place

I was so thrilled with the excellence of Eamonn Sweeney's article 'Clinging to grand delusions' that I must convey my appreciation of how beautifully he encapsulated the overall picture. The piece contained some hard-hitting, inspired factual comment laced with a lovely touch of sarcasm (I'm pleased you've sorted Rio out) and, above all, the wit and humour that gave us journalism at its brilliant best. Well done.

Manny Martin

Suarez drags Liverpool down

I had a little schadenfreude at the expense of LFC on the weekend. In some respects though this thing blowing up in LFC's face was what the club I loved for so long needed to wipe the fog of conspiracy theory from their collective mind. Luis Suarez's shortcomings rescued the club from going through life thinking everyone is against LFC. Now, would they ask themselves the hard question of what else this self-centred curmudgeon has misled them on? Suarez's action was so bad that even a double hat-trick by Stevie or a brace from the worthless Andy wouldn't have made the headlines from this game. This episode has hopefully taught LFC a lesson or two about not betting LFC on the reputation of an individual even if he is a great player, a manager, or even an owner. The club should always come first.

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Fergie abusing his lofty position

I am neither a fan of Liverpool nor Manchester United but once again Alex Ferguson is abusing his position as manager of Manchester United, saying that Suarez should be kicked out of Liverpool.

Will he kick Rio Ferdinand out of Old Trafford for refusing to shake Suarez's hand? Where was the furore when Wayne Bridge refused to shake the hand of John Terry? Would Ferguson shake hands with a man who had cost him an eight-match ban and £40,000 in fines? I doubt it. It's time for Ferguson to consider retirement as he is in the news every week for inappropriate statements.

John Cosgrave

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