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Terrace morons are small minority

Eamonn Sweeney [Jan 8] said that he finds it hard to understand the mentality of some people on the terrace. I don't understand the mentality of people in a myriad of places (the list would fill the back page of the sports section). I don't understand the mentality of the Republican Presidential hopefuls, the North Korean Communist party, previous Irish financial regulators, Sky Customer Service, my 16-year-old son, the list is endless.

The terrace is the only place where I understand the mentality of the vast majority of people who populate it. During the football season people from every background, every age group and every part of the IQ spectrum unite for 90 or so minutes to go through a rollercoaster of emotions in following a team. The reasons for following your team are part of who you are. We can all recall and relate how this fascination started and it usually ends only when we are six feet under.

Yes, there are a few morons on the terrace, but it would not be the only place you would find morons. The lunatics have most certainly not taken over the terrace, so roll on March 2 so I can stand with the vast majority of people in a sacred space who have the same mentality as me.

Cormac Noone

Behan story an inspirational one

The best read I've had in a long time was Eamonn Sweeney's brilliant article on that very brave young man Kieran Behan [Jan 15]. It was truly an inspiring story for any aspiring young athlete to read. Well done Eamonn.

Tom Moran

Páidí, we thought we knew you

Ar Dheis Dé go raibh anam uasal Aengus Fanning -- ní fheicimíd a leithéid arís.

In reading Páidí ó Sé's piece on the noble Aengus, Páidí revealed Kerry men might not be as cute as previously thought.

The revelation that he gets paid for tapping up 12 paragraphs of comment was a surprise to me! That he had the great Dwyer's assistance in this certainly was a coup; telling the nation wasn't!

However, as an interested reader of Páidí's column for years, I was surprised to read that really it wasn't for my likes at all in the first place. And I quote, "I'd often tell him (Aengus) that it's only Kerrymen who understand me, people who have played at the game highest level . . ."

Wow. All along I have been privy to the musings of a man who is understood only in Kerry and whose writings are intended for the elite of football, who truly do live in Kerry.

Seeing as he his only understood by Kerrymen and people who have played at the highest level, like his friend Colm O'Rourke and all others who played at that level, will we see him just send out an email to those chosen and select few? Just when we thought we knew Páidí, it turns out we never knew him at all!

John Cuffe

Suarez wronged in rush to judgement

I never had Dion Fanning down as running with the sheep instead of objectively dissecting a story to get away from the black and white of a case (excuse the pun). If Suarez had called Evra a nigger once, let alone ten times, I would be the first to condemn him and insist on a lengthy ban. That was not the case and and all the sheep journalists who have covered this story know it, but hey don't let the actual truth get in the way of another story.

There were two individuals involved here, both issuing 'racial' comments to each other. Yet it's decided that Suarez is the man to make an example of, the FA feeling the need to come down heavily after Sepp Blatter's own dice with the race issue.

As for Kenny Dalglish and his club defending their player, are you honestly saying that if Wayne Rooney had been accused of racially abusing Glen Johnson that Alex Ferguson would not do the same?

Suarez does not have a great reputation for other dalliances on the field but he had never been accused of racism before.

Is Patrice Evra not the guy who led a player strike in the French team in the last World Cup? Is this not the guy who, although was not the actual accuser of racial abuse by Chelsea ground staff, did not come forward at the time and say there was no racial abuse, when it was subsequently thrown out and Evra ended up with a four-match ban? Is this not the guy who rolled around in agony in Anfield that day, accusing Suarez of mortally kicking him in the knee?

Finally, if you're looking for the best man in the game for shamefully making hay out of any issue, no matter how serious, then look no further than Ferguson, who, like Paisley of old, takes delight in throwing oil on troubled waters if it's in the interest of his team.

To finish, I should tell you I am not a Liverpool fan. I follow Charlton for my sins, so no agenda there.

Ted O'Neill

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