Wednesday 21 March 2018

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Cupla focal has become a turn-off

I read Neil Francis' excellent synopsis of last Friday's Celtic League Rabo 12 game between Leinster and Munster at the Aviva Stadium [Nov 6].

I have to agree with his statements about televising important matches on TG4 and the inability to understand what is being said. I am a proud Irishman but like thousands cannot speak or understand the language. I tried to watch last Friday's match, and previous matches, on TG4, but had to give up because of the language difficulty.

I love rugby and good analysis but I can't understand a thing being said on TG4. I have asked friends if they feel the same and all have said that they either watch TG4 rugby with the sound muted or watch it with the radio on for English commentary. However, there is a time delay using the radio method.

I postponed watching last Friday's match on TG4 after 15 minutes and watched it later on Setanta Sport where it was broadcast in English. The tone and pace of the Irish commentary was annoying and frustrating to listen to. I implore RTE to take back the important matches and use English-speaking commentators.

Dermot Gray

Cup final deserves greater coverage

The showpiece of the domestic soccer season is the FAI Cup final. The winners will represent our country in European competition next season. Last year, the attendance figure was almost 35,000 people while this year the attendance was well over 20,000.

Considering soccer is the largest participation sport in this country, is the Sunday Independent doing this showpiece event justice by allocating just one seventh of one page to the event last Sunday?

Garbhan ó Cuimín

An old Hib hails

the mighty Miah

A big thank you to John O'Brien for his wonderful piece on Leeside legend Miah Dennehy [Nov 6]. Being one of the 26,000 crammed into The Lodge in May 1972, it was a joy just to read about it again. It was great also to read in this day of megabucks football that a club official pushed a ten pound note into the fist of a man who just went into the history books by becoming the first man to score a hat-trick in an FAI Cup final.

I would like to thank Miah (and all his team-mates) for the wonderful years they gave us, as we followed the Hibs up and down the country, and also to wish him good health.

All together now, 'hail, hail the Hibs are here, what the hell do we care, what the hell do we care, hail, hail the Hibs are here, what the hell do we care now'.

Donie Goulding

Lynch off target

in United remark

Declan Lynch claims that Manchester United only win the league by beating the "bad" teams, and not the "good" ones. Given that on the way to their 19th title last season United beat every other team in the Premier League at least once, I can only assume that the point Declan is trying to make is that United themselves are the only "good" team in the Premier League?

Terence Ryan

Reds have never had it so good

Declan Lynch's argument that Manchester United only beat the weak teams is absurd. Last season United played Chelsea five times in all competitions, winning four times. They played Arsenal three times, winning twice. They played Liverpool three times, also winning twice and they beat Manchester City at home, drew away and lost in the FA Cup.

It is easy to be misled by only mentioning the defeats and ignoring the victories. But why should a respected journalist wish to twist the facts in this way? Perhaps he supports a less successful team and needs the comfort of this nonsense. He also fails to acknowledge that Manchester United have featured in three of the last four Champions League finals, beating teams like AC Milan (home and away), Inter, Bayern Munich (although they lost on away goals) and Barcelona (2008 semi-final) over this period.

In his article Mr Lynch asks 'when was the last time Man Utd were good?' The fact is that with four titles in five years and so many Champions League finals, in the history of Manchester United it has never been this good.

Simon Keating

Loughnane not shy with his opinions

Mr Leahy [Have Your Say, Nov 6] must feel Kilkenny supporters are not entitled to speak their minds. It was funny he spoke about Ger Loughnane in this context. What about when he insulted Eamonn Cregan on live tv after the 1997 All-Ireland? But then Ger Loughnane thought he could walk on water. Then he talks about Marty Morrissey and Brian Cody, which was mild compared to some of the things Loughnane said.

John White

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