Sunday 21 January 2018

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Cody's Cats are a credit to hurling

I would like to take strong issue with John Berry [Oct 23] and his misguided comments on Kilkenny hurling's tactics.

He states that Kilkenny stifled the life out of a beautifully skilled Cork team in 1996, and ever since have been using negative play. The match Mr Berry refers to is actually the 2006 All-Ireland Final (not 1996), and while Kilkenny did play a different brand of hurling to beat Cork in this game, I wouldn't see anything wrong with the phenomenal work-rate, hooking and blocking applied by Kilkenny that day.

Kilkenny have always being a credit to the game and under Brian Cody have given some tremendous displays of hurling skill, for example, the 2008 All-Ireland hurling final when they hit just two wides in their 3-30 to 1-13 win over Waterford.

Mr Berry also praises Cork as 'beautifully skilled', Waterford as 'another beautifully skilled team' and Tipperary as 'those great fighters' yet does not give any credit to Kilkenny for winning five All-Irelands in six years.

He also hopes Dublin and Anthony Daly will match Kilkenny next year. I share this sentiment as it would be good for the game to see Dublin making the ultimate breakthrough.

R Holden

Kilkenny's results reveal true class

Regarding John Berry's letter condemning Brian Cody's tactics -- has he been watching the championship over the last number of years? Has he made note of the average Kilkenny score in matches?

Defensive when required certainly, but look at the midfielders surging forward; Fennelly's goal in the All-Ireland final; Michael Rice scoring long range points; Brian Hogan bursting out of defence to score, etc. That's without even mentioning Shefflin, Power, Larkin, Brennan and Co.

Time to get real, Mr Berry. Brian Cody is a superb manager who, with the support of an excellent backroom team, has proven how to win with a combination of attacking and defensive tactics.

The results speak for themselves.

D Cullinane

Fans' response proves a point

The arrogance shown by two Kilkenny fans last Sunday, in reply to what I believe was a very reasonably valid observation of Kilkenny's type of hurling, is just another example of the very point Mr Berry was making. The response to a question from the hapless Marty Morrissey to Brian Cody was met with a similar response a couple of years ago. Ger Loughnane was also demonised for his honesty before that. Just a couple of examples of the points Mr Berry was making.

P Leahy

Innocent times blissfully recalled

Well done to Eamonn Sweeney on another excellent article [Oct 30]. I am amazed how he can remember the names of all the characters from the comics of my youth. I was an avid reader of comics when I was a kid and loved them all and I used call round to my friends' houses at the time for "swops" where I would exchange comics and run home to lose myself in their adventures, especially Roy of the Rovers.

Innocent times, indeed. Keep up the good work Eamonn

M Houlihan

Comic-book stars set for comeback

I had a tear in my eye as I read Eamonn Sweeney's article on the comics of our youth. The years rolled back to what seemed a very simple time. Thanks for reminding a certain generation of those great stories. I must dig those old issues out again . . . they're in the attic somewhere.

S Melly

Clubs didn't need Gallagher's help

Reading Eamonn Sweeney's article re GAA clubs paying Seán Gallagher €5,000 to complete application for Lottery funding makes me laugh.

I am an ordinary member of my local GAA club who has processed at least eight applications for funding (four for Lottery funds) during the past 7/8 years -- all of which have been successful and acquired in excess of €250k to support our club's development (which we are very proud of, see

All I can say is any club that has to pay a consultant to prepare and submit an application for funding needs their head examined as it's that simple my 12-year-old grandchild could do it. These clubs must have plenty of money and in my view didn't deserve any grant aid if it's true.

While on one hand Seán Gallagher is right to charge his "going rate" if people want to use his services, on the other hand I would be most disappointed if he charged any, not alone his local, GAA club for this simple piece of work

J Keane

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