Thursday 22 February 2018

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Official standard not up to scratch

I wish to compliment Dermot Crowe on his excellent article on referee assessments and appointments [Oct 2]. It is clear from his article that all these assessments during the year have very little to do with the appointment of referees for All-Ireland finals.

Indeed, we all know that it has been another very poor year for referees in football. There was hardly a game without some incident with the referee. We had Michael Curley on radio on several occasions defending the referees when it was plain to see that there is a huge problem. We had Derek Fahy with his late free for Limerick against Wexford and the performance of the umpire afterwards was very poor.

We also had David Coldrick, Syl Doyle and Michael Duffy who had very poor games. Dermot Crowe's assessment of Joe McQuillan in the final is indeed very accurate and there is no doubt that many of his decisions cost Kerry on the day.

Michael Barrett

Two sides to Kerry tale of woe

Raphael Kavanagh makes a silly and meaningless statement about Kieran Donaghy "spending a lot of time in the second half throwing shapes" [Have Your Say, Oct 9].

If he wants another critical analysis of the game, and the referee's performance, he should read Colm O'Rourke's article in the Sunday Independent of September 25. Also, the following comment from Des Cahill: "I watched it again yesterday, and realised some of the frees against Kerry were shocking. I think people don't appreciate how generous in spirit Kerry were to accept defeat so graciously."

Michael Enright

Irish fans suffer crisis of identity

It can be quite irritating for some of us to hear Irish national radio programme presenters waffling on about their support of cross-channel soccer teams. In my humble opinion, it would be better if they could keep their meaningless remarks to themselves.

I am not anti-soccer but am against the blind stupidity of sports supporters from this country giving undying adoration to British clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool and Celtic. None of those clubs have much to do with our nation, just as British natives do not have an identity with top GAA teams like Kilkenny and Tipperary in hurling and Dublin and Kerry in football.

Most Irish folk who follow cross-channel sides choose the lazy option of 'going for' one of the top teams.

It is really sad to see so-called Irish adults 'parading' around wearing jerseys with the name Rooney or Gerrard on the back. Even sadder was hearing a Sunday Independent sports journalist exclaiming on RTE radio that he did not want Manchester City doing well because "I follow United."

Hey lads, which country do we really live in?

Mick Dawson

Practice always makes perfect

Christy Ring, George Best and John Giles all developed their exceptional skills in the same way, by practising alone with a ball for hours at a time. One of the worst things parents can do is to stand on the sideline shouting "get stuck in" at their children playing in competitive matches.

Jerry Daly

Sweeney solo run insults McCarthy

I would like to voice my disgust at Eamonn Sweeney's article [Sept 25]. The opening paragraph referred to Mike McCarthy "soloing the ball out of defence when he hopped it on his head. Just for the crack like".

Mike McCarthy is extremely well respected as a footballer and gentleman. Mike displayed fantastic football skills during his games with Kilcummin and Kerry alike. Despite his extreme talents, Mike remained humble to the core, preferring to stay away from the spotlight and glamour of the sport.

During the game against Dublin in 2009, Mike enjoyed an incredible comeback. Indeed he soloed out of defence and perhaps the ball hopped on his head; however, this was not "for the crack". Mike is a dedicated footballer to the core and values the game. By no means was Mike showing off. This was a method of controlling the ball after a solo went slightly too high.

The GAA should be proud of what a terrific and inspiring role model Mike was during his years with the Kerry team and the gentleman he is today.

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