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Here's the perfect position for Keano

Dion Fanning is a brilliant sports reporter but he definitely had a Black Swan moment when he suggested that Roy Keane should be the next manager of the Irish soccer team [Sept 11]. Keane is a maverick who enjoys the thrill of a challenge (Sunderland and Ipswich) but abandoned these sides to their fate when he got bored of doing the daily routine.

Let us not forget that this is the same Roy Keane who was sent packing from the 2002 World Cup when he argued with Mick McCarthy.

But there is a role for Keano in the national life of Ireland. They should build a Letterfrack-style institution with grim living accommodation and high walls and a spartan regime of enforced discipline and make Keano the warder. Then round up all the bankers, property developers and politicians who thrived during the Celtic Tiger years.

Let Keano wage war on their inflated egos and arrogant denial that they have ruined thousands of ordinary people because of their gross incompetence and megalomania.

Let them have their Black Swan moment with Keano!

Bernard O'Grady

Missing voice amid Croke Park throng

What a great All-Ireland final last Sunday between Dublin and Kerry, two great teams. It was exciting all the way through.

But there was one thing missing. There should have been someone on the pitch to sing the words of our great national anthem. It would have added something even more to the occasion, although if it had taken place those of us watching on TV probably wouldn't have heard it due to the incessant chatter of the commentators.

Pauline Andrews

Final fervour gets the best out of us

It was the Saturday -- the eve of the All-Ireland final -- and such was the atmosphere in our local supermarket that one knew something great was imminent. Shopping was done with a fervour befitting preparation for a big feast.

"It's like Christmas Eve," I heard one lady say.

Central to this goodwill, camaraderie, friendliness and excitement was a large rectangular cake decorated and iced in the Dublin colours.

Young and old gazed in awe at it while chatting to each other -- I heard one little boy announce, "that's what my daddy said too".

I don't know what his daddy said but my guess is it had something to do with how the boys in blue were going to topple the Kingdom!

It reminded me of another time when a similar atmosphere of goodwill, generosity and resilience prevailed.

It was during the big snow last year. Being confined to the house for a week made me realise the extraordinary kindness, caring and selflessness of my neighbours.

We do we wait for extremes such as these to show what a fine resilient caring courageous people we are. God knows we need it on a daily basis. It's our greatest asset and perhaps the only one on which the 'Troika' cannot get its hands.

Mary Briody

Rugby needs Cup to fend off decline

Eamonn Sweeney's item on the Rugby World Cup [Sept 18] is not really valid.

This is only the seventh edition of the event and is the most competitive so far. The soccer version has being running since 1930 and yet there are still no fewer than seven or eight nations with a real chance of winning that competition.

The second-tier rugby countries need to play in a World Cup or else the sport will stagnate or even decline in their countries as has already happened with cricket.

Who knows but maybe the likes of Samoa, Canada or Georgia might well be serious contenders in 2019?

John Delaney

Fab Francis knows what he's on about

Neil Francis' article in the wake of Ireland's fantastic triumph over Australia was top drawer.

In Francis we have -- unlike other pundits -- someone who has been through it and who knows what he is talking about.

Ireland won because of sheer and utter honesty that starts with manager Declan Kidney. The Francis Files are successful for the very same reason. Allez les vertes!

Mick Finn

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