Thursday 22 February 2018

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Less meddling and more marks please

Since the GAA season is now almost at an end and journalists will be having a silly season trying to have something to write about, I wish to refer to an article by Colm O'Rourke [Sept 5] in which he wrote on football rules.

Of course the square rule should stand as it is to safeguard the goalkeeper. Any bully can stand in the square and injure the goalie, good 'keepers often get injured. Also, the rules should not be looked at every five years (Colm implied they should be looked at more often). What is wrong with Croke Park who keep interfering in our games and making them less of a spectacle?

The only new change that should have been kept from the league is the mark. Surely high fielding should be encouraged as it is one of the spectacles of the game.

This would do away with some of the negativity of the game. Also, the lift with the boot must be maintained; otherwise it will be a joke. It is a skill and what is nicer than a chip lift? Anyone can lift a ball from the ground with their hands.

I must mention the All Star football team. John Galvin was again omitted. Surely he should have been picked before now as a partner to Darragh ó Sé (what a combination). Now that ó Sé has retired, surely it was only a matter of picking a partner for Galvin who is the best centrefield player in the country by a mile.

Cork won the All-Ireland, Down gets three forwards, none to Cork. How did Graham Canty get centre-back? How did Benny Coulter get on instead of Donncha O'Connor who, apart from playing all year, kept Cork in the final?

Liam Ryan

Stop moaning and abide by the rules

I have just read the headline about the international rules match and it just shows what bad losers you Irish are. You say it was a poor match. I reckon it was fantastic. Yes, the Aussies had trouble kicking the ball. If we had kicked well, we would have won by 30 points.

The only gutsy effort by the Irish was when they kicked a six-pointer. You Irish are the greatest moaners ever. We have to play on your pitches. We have to play with a goalkeeper. You had six players who have played Aussie rules and the only one who looks the goods was Tadhg Kennelly.

The Aussies played with gusto for their country. We didn't even throw one punch. We controlled ourselves well. Stop moaning and get behind the concept. It's really your game. It's your football on your shaped ground. It is your agenda to stop this game. You would rather see your game diminish to such an extent that people will say didn't we used to play our own brand of football and wasn't it lovely -- we were amateurs.

There is a terrific opportunity for Irishmen to keep their game going. Playing these hybrid games is what the Irish public want. They want to see their men defend the Irish honour.

Bob Stiles

Yankee doodlings score a home run

I read 'Why Americans do it better' [Eamonn Sweeney, Oct 31] and I agreed with every bit of it. I often argue with friends about American football and baseball. Most of them dismiss those sports based on preconceptions.

What I love about American football, apart from the physicality, is that they always get what they deserve on the field. In last season's Superbowl, a touchdown was awarded at the start. It was contested and after a few minutes of video replay, it was disallowed as the ball didn't break the plane.

I always say that a good late decision is better than a bad fast decision. If only more sports adopted this.

Micil Glennon

Good conduct is

an example to all

The Americans deliver high standards and take the dollar out of sport by encouraging equal competition. They also demand a level of conduct second to none and it is to be highly recommended for all sports here to adopt.

I know in rugby you can't talk back to a referee and at junior level you will be marched back 10 all the way to your line if you keep it up. Imagine the reaction from your team-mates.

Terry McCarthy

RTE's coverage

is taking the mic

Is it really necessary for RTE to have six commentators, four in studio and two at the match, together with the attendant technical back-up, travelling expenses, etc, to commentate on a football match being played by an English soccer team?

It seems to me that RTE are continuing to do what they do best -- squander public money.

Kevin Noctor

Sunday Independent

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