Saturday 24 March 2018

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Gunners getting raw deal in RTE analysis

I have to compliment Tommy Conlon on his article about the RTE Champions League panel on RTE2. Firstly, I will nail my colours to the mast and say that I am a lifelong Arsenal fan. The few times that RTE actually show an Arsenal game are only when Liverpool or mainly Man Utd are not playing on that particular night.

There is a complete anti-Arsenal bias in the studio except for Bill of course. If you remember a couple of seasons ago when Liverpool knocked us out in a classic quarter-final at Anfield, the panel had a real disrespectful and outrageous go at Arsene Wenger.

On the overall performance of this panel, they totally concentrate on the negative aspects of a team most of the time. It is incredible watching the panel after some of the games and you would think that you had been watching a different game.

I am an avid sports fan and I agree with Tommy that for some unknown reason sport throws up results that have no logic. Teams who are dead and buried or who have had a player sent off sometimes only need an incident or a piece of luck to change their mindset that can change the course of a game. It happens in all team sports and the panel should be aware of this rather than taking their normal route of slagging off a team's perceived lack of spirit, desire and willingness to fight.

JJ Keyes

Armagh must put best foot forward

As a lifelong supporter of Armagh GAA, Armagh arguably have at their disposal the greatest generation of footballers as a consequence of winning the All-Ireland senior football championship in 2002, the All-Ireland U21 championship in 2004 and the All-Ireland minor championship in 2009 in addition to provincial honours.

This has been strengthened by the magnificent work being carried out throughout the county in terms of coaching and identifying talent in one of the smaller GAA counties in Ireland.

The failure to capitalise on this talent in terms of winning major honours will rest with the county board who have repeatedly appointed people to the position of manager of the county team whose curriculum vitae in terms of winning major honours does not suggest that they are equipped to do the job.

How, for example, a two-time All-Ireland winner, Peter McGrath, could not even secure an interview having expressed an interest in the post and being the most suitable person for the role beggars belief?

Paddy O'Rourke as the chosen manager of the team deserves the full backing of the county in the pursuit of honours this season. As the championship looms ever nearer, the importance of playing as a team, defending and attacking as a team whilst employing easily understood tactics becomes ever greater.

Irrespective of how Armagh play as a team, placing scores on the board will determine their fate. Therefore placing their most equipped players with the necessary arrogance and self-belief in addition to proven ability in taking scores at the highest level of the game in the most advanced areas of the field is imperative.

Ryan Padraig Kelly

MMA article offends cast of a thousand

I write in relation to Eamonn Sweeney's article entitled 'Cage fighting the Ultimate turnoff' (Sunday Independent, Mar 28). As a professional mixed martial artist, I am deeply offended and upset with what you wrote in your article. I don't think I have read a more inaccurate, unresearched, ignorant piece of writing in many years.

The piece which most displays the lack of research is where you refer to the 'Ultimate Fighting Championship' as a sport. This portrays ignorance of the highest level. The sport on which you so informatively wrote this article on is known as mixed martial arts (MMA). The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an organisation (the largest and most profitable of its kind in the world).

The most insulting piece of the whole article was the sentence, "It is a sport designed by eejits for other eejits to participate in and watch". In writing this, I ask you this Mr Sweeney: do you know one person who participates or is involved in the sport of MMA? If the answer is no, which I assume it is, I ask you: how have you come to this great conclusion?

In this country, there are more than 1,000 people involved in MMA at every level. You have offended them all Mr Sweeney.

Cathal Pendred

Sunday Independent

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