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Rogue element

a Bridge too far

In the week of Ashley Cole's marriage split and having just read the news that Wayne Bridge feels his place in the England squad is untenable, I can't help thinking he has made the right decision.

It appears to me that the squad of potential World Cup winners Fabio Capello is trying to put together will be somewhat of a rogues' gallery. While it is possible that they could be crowned world champions, this group of players, given their personal lives, will remain far from becoming true heroes.

Mark Bane

Back door made it easier for Darragh

On players who won All-Ireland football medals 11 years apart [Eamonn Sweeney, Feb 21], what about Pat Spillane, Ogie Moran, Páidí ó Sé, Ger Power in 1975 and 1986?

But perhaps the back-door system means Darragh ó Sé's feat is not as singular. If there wasn't a back door, Kerry wouldn't have won the 2009 All-Ireland. Or maybe they would have taken Munster more seriously. And if there was a back door in 1987, maybe Kerry would have won then too.

Ger Owens

Unpopular stance on the right track

In regard to Tommy Conlon's very good article regarding Bernard Dunne [Feb 21], congratulations. I thoroughly enjoyed it as unpopular as it may have come across, because Bernard Dunne seems to be a new Irish hero.

You were definitely on the right track and must know a great deal about the promotion side of boxing, in regard to the 'building-up' of boxers for financial gain on behalf of their promoters. You sound like you are on the side of the real Irish fighters (in the proper sense of the word).

Mick Devin

Attack on Dunne oh so predictable

I found the aforementioned composition a dreadful insult to a great Irish boxing champion. The assassination, in printed form, of an Irish sporting icon like Bernard Dunne is so entirely predictable it has become a tedium; although such was your eagerness to stick your fangs into the Irish champion, you chose to write this belittlement only two days after he retired.

I stoutly believe that Bernard Dunne -- and for good reason -- is one of the great Irish sportsmen; his achievement in defeating the sterling Cordoba and bringing the world title to Ireland is something everyone should feel great pride in. It certainly should not be the subject of base attacks.

Colin Dixon

Ireland can still be a top-four nation

Having seen the match against France from the stands in Stade de France, I felt I had to write as I have a different perspective on the current state of Irish rugby to Eamonn Sweeney [Feb 21].

France are way better than us and deserved 50 points: Why? What have they achieved since we beat them last year? Everything went their way on the day and Ireland had a shocker. They just had a very good day at the office like Ireland did against England in Croker in 2007.

Ireland can never challenge and are an Aston Villa: Don't agree. We had an absolute disaster at the last World Cup when we should have challenged. All we are asking for is to progress from quarters to semis to be a top-four team. Surely we can do that if we are prepared properly?

Resources: What I like about the last few years is Ireland has put the little nation psychology to the background. Yes, we need things to go right for us on the day but it's not impossible. All we need is 30 good players and we can challenge. It doesn't matter if the other team can field 12 teams; on the day they can only put out one!

Fergal O'Mahony

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