Monday 26 February 2018

Greyhounds: Quinn set to score big with Forest

Michael Fortune

Michael Fortune

Former Ireland soccer star Niall Quinn is on course to capture the Derby at the National Coursing Meeting at Powerstown.

Quinn is the co-owner of Windsor Forest, which goes into the final day at Clonmel as the 5/2 joint favourite.

Windsor Forest took a heavy tumble in his morning defeat of Foxhall Johnny, but came out bouncing in the afternoon and got the better of Mr Big from a long slip. Forest will face Thomas The Tank in what promises to be a cracking quarter-final clash.

The other joint favourite is Kyle Leigh, representing Marie Field from Patrickswell, which will face Brendan Matthews' King Rooney in the last eight.

A number of the leading contenders were knocked out of the Greyhound & Pet World Oaks and Ardmore Charmer is now the 3/1 favourite to land the prize for Westport owner Noreen Hoban.


2nd Round

1st Quarter: Newinn Wonder (0.5L) bt Cracking Jet 12.77; King Rooney (1.5L) bt Crushers Mania 12.86; Kyle Leigh (1L) bt Dale Pinocchio 12.67; Droopys Bestie (1.5L) bt Catunda Alonso 12.82; Tilford Tom (3L) bt Lucan Twilight 12.79; Longmeadow Raz (2.5L) bt Wilton Magic 12.95; Fatcatinhat (0.5L) bt Intacta Banba 12.90; Foxhill Mick (2L) bt Newry Awake 12.97.

2nd Quarter: Phoenix Bruno (2.5L) bt Catch Hunter 12.75; Cracking Lord (1L) bt Kyle Dixie 12.85; Droopys Abbott (1L) bt Jacksons Lane 12.93; Kilkeale Hero (2.5L) bt Go On Slogan 12.78; Barefoot Magnus (2L) bt Glendower 12.99; Thomas The Tank (1.5L) bt Pocketrocketben 12.80; Windsor Forest (6L) bt Foxhall Johnny 12.82l; Mr Big (2L) bt Tivoli Lar 12.92.

3rd Round

Top Half: King Rooney (0.5L) bt Newinn Wonder 12.66; Kyle Leigh (1.5L) bt Droopys Bestie 12.77; Longmeadow Raz (3L) bt Tilford Tom 12.77; Fatcatinhat (5L) bt Foxhill Mick 12.84.

Bottom Half: Phoenix Bruno (2L) bt Cracking Lord 12.84; Kilkeale Hero (8L) bt Droopys Abbott 12.78; Thomas The Tank (2.5L) bt Barefoot Magnus 12.76; Windsor Forest (1L) bt Mr Big 12.80.

Betting: 5/2 Kyle Leigh, Windsor Forest; 4/1 King Rooney, Kilkeale Hero, Thomas The Tank; 6/1 Longmeadow Raz, Phoenix Bruno; 10/1 Fatcatinhat.


2nd Round

1st Quarter: Red Orchid (0.5L) bt Kinielty Jazz 12.99; Adios Belle (2.5L) bt Fingal Developer 12.83; Runaway Mitzy (10L) bt Cooga Music 13.17; Smart Ali (2L) bt Duchess 12.91; Loyal Lyric (5L) bt Kyle0. Trixie 12.80; Garrys Secret (2L) bt Vacume Lizzie 13.08; Crafty Diviso (ju) bt Stop That Ger 12.95; Miss Fury (0.5L) bt Skellig Tivoli 13.07.

2nd Quarter: Ardmore Charmer (2.5L) bt Dependable 12.90; Katelyns Bumble a bye, Double Trouble drawn 12.98; Bend Your Knee (2L) bt Killacolla Spice 13.06; Bringmesunshine (ju) bt Gillogue Magic 13.08; Camarillo Blonde (4L) bt Nickies Tip 12.96; Collect Me Now (2.5L) bt Pretty Stranger 12.87; Blades of Steel (5L) bt Minorcas Flyer 12.88; Gowayoudat (ju) bt Central Heroine 12.84.

3rd Round

Top Half: Red Orchid (1.5L) bt Adios Belle 13.10; Smart Ali (7L) bt Runaway Mitzy 12.87; Garrys Secret (4L) bt Loyal Lyric 12.94; Miss Fury (3L) bt Crafty Diviso 12.98.

Bottom Half: Ardmore Charmer (2.5L) bt Katelyns Bumble 12.83; Bend Your Knee (2L) bt Bringmesunshine 12.97; Collect Me Now (1L) bt Camarillo Blonde 12.96; Gowayoudat (ju) bt Blades Of Steel 12.77.

Betting: 3/1 Ardmore Charmer; 4/1 Red Orchid, Smart Ali, Collect Me Now, Gowayoudat; 6/1 Garrys Secret, Miss Fury; 8/1 Bend Your Knee.

Kitty Butler Stakes

Survivors: Catunda Magic, Nina For Out, Come On Bella, Blades Of Joy, Liscanny Rose, Gold Emma, Knockbrack Lucy, Kiss And Tell.

Spirit of Mischief Stakes

Survivors: Iron Diva, Volga Empress, Bucks Honey, Cloneen Time, Get On Norsa, Dynalite, Ballinveala Wren, Broadwell Blond.

Keen Laddie Stakes

Survivors: Needham Coin, Wyken Power, Kermadec , What A Rumour, Skellig Alonso, Offshore Town, Colossal Impact, Peace And Ease.

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