Monday 20 November 2017

Greyhound Racing


550 – Aulton Blondie (5th 4.0L/hd/nk 29.86 HX), Revilo Clio (2nd 0.5L 29.91 HX), Mad Lennon (4th 10.5L/nk 29.27 NWB), Poplar Tree Blue (5th 14L 29.58 HX), Kilara Spark (4th 8.0L 29.31 HX), Blackhall Willow (3rd 5.5L 29.91 HX).

525 – Sportsman Mac (4th 13L 29.2 HX), Mayo Caviar (6th 13.5L 29.35 SP), Wisteria (1st 2L 29.58 HX), Kilcarrig Model (4th 16.5L 29.74 HX), Matthews Pal (6th 7.5L/nk/nk 29.18 HX), Aintree Smokey (4th 6.5L/nk 29.18 HX).

325 – Jayos Pride (4th 4.0L 19.22 ECY), Glenasmal Jim (3rd 5.0L 17.85 NWB), Come On Mayo (4th 6.25L/nk 19 DLK), Bran An Croga (4th 8.5L 17.79 HX), Strawberry Rover (4th 13.75L 28.59 SP), Glown Loot (2nd hd 18.01 HX).

525 – Starshine Angel (4th 8.5L/nk 29.46 HX), Curtistown Pearl (2nd 1L 29.4 HX), Highview Option (5th 13.5L/hd 29.08 SP), Southbrooke Sal (1st 5L 18.29 HX), Freffans Buzzard (5th 13.0L/nk 29.46 HX), Darbys Hill (5th 4.5L 17.96 HX).

525 – Jennys Oak (2nd 2L 29.41 NWB), Valeries Special (2nd 3L 29.33 HX), Night Time Ghost (2nd 0.75L 29.49 HX), Icecool Pirlo (4th 6.5L/sh 29.33 HX), Sigma Carlos (5th 10.0L 29.39 HX), Rachels Glen (3rd 6.5L 29.33 HX).

525 – Cappakeel Magic (3rd 7.5L 29.16 NWB), Coppeen Beauty (2nd 2.5L 29.35 HX), Ballycowen Finn (5th 5.25L/nk 29.46 HX), Myleens Pearl (4th 8.5L 29.24 HX), Clonkeen Billy (4th 12.5L 29.06 HX), Devil His Due (5th 5.75L 29.34 HX).

550 – Basle (3rd 4.0L 29.26 HX), Lost In Newyork (2nd 2L 45.8 LGD), Bingojackpottlad (5th 5.5L/hd/nk 30.57 HX), Rumble The Aces (2nd 4L 29.55 ECY), Cuil Gem (2nd 7L 18.93 SP), Starshineeclipse (3rd hd/nk 30.57 HX).

525 – Burnt Oak Blaze (2nd nk 29.04 NWB), Likeable Bob (2nd nk 30.7 HX), Inch Perfect (1st 2.5L 29.24 HX), Sage Of Omaha (5th 5.5L/nk 29 HX), Curtistown Lace (1st 1L 30.47 HX), Star Shine Pipa (2nd 1L 29.08 HX).

525 – Parknahown Betoo (3rd 2.5L/nk 29.35 HX), Affane Jewel (1st 0.75L 29.65 HX), Ballygree Krank (3rd 3.0L 29.8 HX), Abbeyvile Prince (6th 17.75L 29.34 HX), Westmead Pearl (4th 11.0L 28.77 HX), Stano (6th 11.25L/sh 29.19 HX).

525 – Starshinespartan (5th 8.0L/hd 29.1 SP), Florence (1st 3L 29.33 HX), Lodgefield Choc (4th 6.5L/nk 29.17 NWB), Curley Luke (2nd sh 29.6 LGD), Pinstriped Gizmo (1st 0.5L 18.13 HX), Ravenswood Bear (3rd 7.5L 28.95 HX).

525 – Glasheen Sally (2nd 0.5L 17.95 NWB), Thornvalley (1st 29.34 HX), Knockeen Klass (1st 2.5L 29.11 NWB), Head For Fame (6th 7.0L/hd/nk 30.57 HX), Cuil Rocket (2nd hd 30.57 HX), Cheese Please (1st 6.5L 29.19 HX).

550 – Samms Dream Boy (3rd 2.75L 29.46 HX), Harrys Legacy (6th 9.0L 30.5 HX), Abbeyville Champ (4th 5.25L 29.46 HX), Cha Cha (5th 8.5L 30.5 HX), Fane Cutts (3rd 6.5L 30.5 HX), Knockeen Crash (2nd 1.5L 43.3 NWB).

Floating res: Romantic Hero, Toto, Alvarado Mann, Tipp Jodie, Cherrypark Gem, Jake Side, Nairobi Dancer, Ex Toby, Riona, Blackhall Grace, Gortlum Venture, Kilcarty Beauty, Clarkes Ash, Abbeyville Joy, Minnies Balboni, Vito Buzz, Crash For Gold, Cuil Geisha, Rushwee Hawkeye, Buchail Rosie, Glee Man, Rushwee Record, Kilara Kitten, Da Vinci Max, Parnell Lucy, Brake Chamber.


525 – Creamery Chanel, Coom Pride, Kerrylane Lark, Canadian Duchess, Rockforest Pedro, Talavara Tiny. 330 – Daddi Cash, Village Blackie, Unique Peak, Business Luck, Curragh Bound, El Poder. 525 – Ryecourt View, Lahana Dynamo, Bridevalley Dawn, Allihies Bridie, Able Customer, Kynance Legend. 330 – Gleaming Angus, Apollo Blue, Slipping Top, Leeview Rocket, Rip It Up, Bright Look. 550 – Aghaburren Pablo, Arcade Suzy, Any Kisses, Creamery Panther, Sleek Mo, Bold Lad. 330 – Bailock Way, Chloes Touch, Kilmoney Nipper, Some Call, Hursul Donie, Hotfoot Logan. 525 – Knockrour Hawk, Free Falling, Dippy Slippy, Benteke, Glaise Deeny, Saucy Roxy. 525 – Glanmire Star, Knotray Lady, Stakers Lad, Sporting Maestro, Sportsmans Ok, Obvious. 525 – Olde Man Nagging, Coppeen Bolt, Jessie Joe, Chateauneufdebob, Tyrur Tess, Latest Trend. 550 – Altamount Tom, Tullig Tree, Droopys Sprinter, Tyford Tip, Whitty Big Jack, Lahana Ally.

Floating res: Parchments Rory, Country Living, Gortown Bandit, Knockboy Alex, Bridevalley Hero, Cronody Scolari, Trojan Tennant, Garryglass Angus, Curragh Global, Gortown Queen, Boss Tanaka, Garryvoe Mick, Starlight Eagle, Malden Factor, Lexistar, Bold Six, Stakers Lad, Racenight Bruno, Kilmoney Lelo, Dublin Girl, Kipper Kid.


335 – Whitemount Rocky, Hoolys Izzy, Drumna Sunset, Lil Dilemma, Moss Row Miller, Ferneys Special. 335 – Nobodys Baby, Camlin College, Sophies Charm, Ridgedale Calvin, Sourhill Pearl, Poacher Dempsey. 525 – Killacolla Babe, Adamant Stream, Hi Brolly, Last Request, Sticky Nikki, Whitemount Dawn. 335 – Knocknaheeny Boy, You Are Right, Whitemount Julie, Rough Cara, Pretty Slippy, Riada Jack. 525 – Crabbit Ellie, Fane Ordeevee, Burnpark Pixie, Baun Free, Pats Brae, Amais Pedro. 525 – Endova Mike, Pocket Girl, Fagans Pippa, Woodsgift Susie, Lizzys Loch, Fane Orteevee. 525 – Battleofthebogs, Lemon Dazl, Maybe Shady, Loughside Maggie, Sunville Lily, Endova Ellie. 575 – Barnish Peter, Fatboyz Jay, Katies Pony, Drumna Clare, Clondoty Leona, Rabbo. 335 – Golden Panther, Folkanballadsong, Bodens Paradise, Pennys Garcia, Blue Obama, Detroit Lion. 525 – Johnnys Turn, Kansas Citychief, Ballyhill Zest, Serious Impact, Riada Rory, Endova Holly. 335 – Hy Head, Bleu Paradise, Lisnashanker, Saladins Honi, Ulster Johnjo, Tumpher John. 525 – Santro Spark, Ballyhill Legend, Flagfield Tiny, Taepot Hill, Ferneys Screed, Mythbuster.

Floating res: Dooey Maid, Wellpad Memory, Drumna Moonlight, Picky Sue, Belgrave Abi, Black Trooper, Capercaillie, Nippy Girl, Sheas Return, Tinga Ling, Tracys Sammy Jo, Bosco Boy, Fernbank Tootsie, Rough Twilight, Strong View, Gate Inn Diane, Sticky Tank, Endova Nadine.

DUNDALK (9.35)

400 – Fun Time Minnie, Tornaroy Thrill, Quarterland Mary, Airborne Navajo, Fractions, Drumcrow Adele. 525 – Rosmon Sophie, Blackjack Man, Millview See, Cian Tigernal, Fifth St Lady, Sexy Woman. 400 – Unsociable Lad, Sky Blues Boy, Drumsna Major, Cloughtaney Gift, Monleek Force, Drumcrow Impact. 550 – Goodwill Trader, Swift Iniesta, Mustang Vortex, Balscadden Molly, Smurfing Flame, Strike One. 600 – Monleek Turbo, Drumna Dargle, Thurlesbeg Hawk, Rosmon Rock, Wee Bassitt, Borna Champ. 400 – Ballymoney Brett, Quarterland Nico, Cheese Hawk, Tullna Bound, Thats The Shot, Homeless Maeve. 600 – Lotus Paddy, Nemo Blue, Hi Beak, Neon Flash, Crash For Gold, Gymstar Jumbo. 350 – Beraghill Monty, Not Laura, Manalishi, Playground Bolt, Mr Furious, Mcgintys Goat.

Floating res: Cheyenne Chief, Glow Dubh, Ballybun Oshea, Shauneens Rocket, Wheretofromhere, Knockroe Mill, Nosey Taz, Scobys Suranne, Impact Penny, Courtlough Arkle, Renaja Kitty, Jenny Jump Up, Calipso, Lucky Gamble, Drumna Moonlight, Sweetest Thing, Swanson Rosette, Forge Ivy.

GALWAY (8.07)

525 – Aulton Mikey, Snuggie Jane, Mooney The Man, Bellaghy Girl, Miss The Star, Tintreach Crissy. 350 – Razmataz Way, Cable Camanchi, Glamorous Brae, Extreme Ruso, Burden Of Proof, Kilcornan Moment. 525 – Moyree Madam, Kilcorcoran Joe, Barbers Saph, Glamorous Jimbo, Razmataz Dot, Malbay Nicki. 350 – Patsys Simon, College Groom, Willrose Cliona, Blushing Annie, Dans Dan, Wilbrook Basil. 350 – Spare Tyre, Joyous Star, Kays Class, Aulton Buddy, Rush Coco, Hollywood Mirah. 525 – Harbour Duchess, Glasheen Pantry, Viper Dancer, Clairwell Squad, Ballyclare Tom, Ballyboy Sparky. 525 – Harbour Bullet, Mish Fingers, Monparklady, Clonalis Hondo, Moyvana Cross, Drumhill Star. 525 – Wilbrook Madness, Emmas Friend, Rosie Be Slick, Snuggie Bubble, Windfield Lad, Dirty Frank. 550 – Tyrur Sonia, Danmar Lilly, Clonlusk Spice, Miss The Style, Mall Diva, Oranmore Josie. 550 – Combo Mike, Washpit Blue, Our Little Amy, Bumblebee Skippy, Yeah Giovanni, Clonrooske Blue. 550 – Bullseye Tops, Menlo Diva, Hold It Hazard, White Gal, Crimson Tide, Willrose Champ.

Floating res: Tiermana Cross, Barbersfort Bobo, Radio Show, Grove Prince, Dual Birthday, Wilbrook Mint, Orbsen Sadie, Ellie Mia, Tomars Jamie, Our Lottie, Ballard Charlie, Milton Lady, Kishlawn Jack, Another Sinead, Drumevin Club, Cragbrien View, Car Anky Pants, Fighting Flojoe, Muloc, Hanover Buzz, Winter Dream, Lady Midas, Timonfaya, Lambo.


525 – Kilara Donna, Kildrenagh Mali, Knockdrinna Miss, Tribal Pearl, Blue Ballydaniel, Woodsgift Diva. 525 – Clomantagh Minor, Crossleigh Basil, Karlow Master, Cill Dubh Sky, Triangle Merinda, Ballyhoe Icon. 525 – Denross Andy, Hare Bound, Blackstone Hawk, Condor Bobby, Scooby The Joker, Kellymount Dale. 525 – Drunken Thought, Lough Maller, Kilara Hey Mac, Barefoot Agent, Skyview Blue, Raheen Boy. 525 – Droopys Der, Garryglass Sammy, Kellymount Gem, Move Over Neale, Ecclestone, Raheen Rondo. 525 – Graigues Kaino, Shunters Gizmo, Sunset King, Flomur Antics, Woolie No Shoes, Ardrahan Zebo. 525 – Garryglass Marco, Barefoot Arthur, Risk Of Ice, Wicstun Will, Pookies Plan, Refuge Of Sinner. 525 – Jolly Roy, Arabian Arch, Old Road Ken, Atopgear, Shaws Blaze, Graigues Trade. 525 – Woe Katie, Wind Him Up, Triangle Shiraz, Garryglass Ros, Condor Star, Droopys Kenzi.


525 – Clounanna Noel, Groovy Jack, Skywalker Echo, Lowfield Bolt, Big Bill, Lissatouk Hill. 525 – Gulleen Cashen, Sheedy Biddy, Inislosky Brazil, Utrecht, Fair Legend, Rathfalla Fore. 525 – Stone Road, Star Princess, Sheedy Roxy, Upland Sunrise, Gulleen Jessie, Honda Girl. 525 – Gulleen Legend, Killeenagh Magic, Barrack Lark, Cashen Alfie, Liosgarbh Charl, Jap. 525 – Bit Windy, Westward Bound, Bright Foxy, Art Deco, Cloon College, Galloping Star. 525 – Airfield Sam, Smooth Bran, Inislosky Sitric, Pine Nuts, Banderas, Rock Critic. 525 – Awbeg Carlow, Run Morgan, Millroad Zulu, Trying Star, Loughlea Rosie, Knockfinisk Gale. 750 – Ceemat Express, Carvills Hill, Your A Fantasy, Poormans Doll, Bowline Rock, Glideaway Marina. 525 – Rebellious Opine, Black Hondo, Ballygibba Rock, Cashen Cheyenne, Scooby Blue, Amys Legend. 350 – History Made, The Other Louis, Side Order, Bettyville Tower, Clever Spider, Knocksouna Lady. 525 – Bright Tara, Neds Abbie Brook, Docs Bar, Ballygibba Lion, Cnoc Lauryn, Ring Twice. 525 – Solvitas Star, Adamswood Ranger, The Other Ronnie, Bantam, Skidroes Brother, Billofknockbrack.

Floating res: Gortkelly Scoty, Swedish Velden, Roof Topps, Ring Claire, Gilti Blackjack, Lodge Boy, No Bodder, Upland Sunset, Jolly Rhapsody, Goforitpall, Inislosky Diva, Starlight Sky, Stonepark Adored, Nuke Geanie, Ballinlough Lady, Eimears Answer, Flandys Ace, Gimme Babs, Scala Bush, Tip And Kid, Man Persie, You See Bolt, Bluemoon Bonnie, Bids And Kits, Cloon Causeway, Rockmount Asnad.


330 – Saratoga Lad, Pykehill Thunder, Big Mac, Barneyjaxxrubble, Moon Bobby, An Fear Cliste. 330 – Tamna Yoshi, Rinceoir Baile, Carrigabruce Gem, Ambis Shortie, Nerea, Virgilius. 525 – Cost Cutter, Meenirves, Rosie Lil, Saratoga Evans, Castlegore Drary, Cleveland Spring. 330 – Newport Blackie, Tomkinroad Joe, Tudor Holly, Queen Louise, Racecourse Wind, Sheffield Kernal. 525 – Peteles Flash, Tintreach Liam, Newdown Trio, Dundrum Special, Sandstorm Cuan, Racecourse Peter. 525 – Cleveland Dream, Soft Heel, Portumna Harbour, Cavan Blend, Skyfall Bond, Castlegore Gerry. 330 – Speedhunter, Blenhiem Hero, Bloomfield Lizzy, Racecourse Wowie, Sandstorm Maeve, Tamna Betty. 525 – Maybe Ben, Pepsi Margie, Billis Lee, Clutcher, Castleroggy Mist, Flimsy Truth. 525 – Pepsi Dasher, Dundrum Lord, Kuma Aslan, Clydal Goldie, Sandstorm Ella, More Taxes.

Floating res: Treel Genius, Connolly Echo, Bunny Hop, Hayeses Lough, Urney Lion, Our Lottie, Brandon Blackie, Bective Saturn, Ollys Tomjoe, Pats Jack, Cloonturk Sparky, Mcgintys Goat, Frybrook, Drumsna Pixie, Bective Bluey, Pats Hero, Ardmore Diamond, Hi Caoimhe, Black Apache, Aranhill Chief, Fermoyle Fella, Oakwood Benny, Leamaneigh Frank, Highview Mandy, Monery Keano.


525 – He Got Lucky, Clonrooske Spot, Marohn, Leos Coco, My Pebbles, Toehead View. 525 – Annesborough Dan, Lodgefield Cute, Enough Is Enough, Hollywood Aimee, Cheap Skate, Kid Chocolate. 525 – Corrachoill Lily, I Want Something, Balto Vixen, Wizard Wand, Asteroid, Howya Nidge. 325 – Mol Mar, Doppler Effect, Perfect Gift, Ballymac Nor, Hillroad Claf, Heading For Tipp. 525 – Blue Comrade, Trasher Boy, Please Listen, Racefield Star, Blue Pipsqueak, Castleview Simba. 325 – Forest Vic, Gogetemelsie, Monread Primrose, Sli Eile, Bauneys Socks, Curious Kate. 525 – Nurney Lady, Gloreen Haka, Auld Rubber Lips, Pennys Peace, Deanos Legend, Tadhgs Diva. 525 – Old Road Cody, Jotop Jack, Starlight Kevin, Bears Moe, Hollybah, Ballymorefin Jet. 525 – Deanos Girl, Nova Jack, Bowling Vera, Black Kettle, Iwant Spuds, Eye Phone. 550 – Home Bond, Best Land, Drompark Dover, Old Hollow Flash, Ring The Guards, Lodgefield Fun.

Floating res: My Boy Charlie, My Black Star, Power Of Kate, Andys Jewel, Simple Solution, Ballinroe Rocket, Unique Girl, Burrow Zapper, Dalasiri, Jennifers Yogie, Burrow Ranger, Jennys Oak, Rolling Dice, Dice Baby, Power Jack, Hondos Guitar, La Belle Tess, Carrigoe Essie, Cottonwool Girl, Horseleap Sinead, Dereen Devil, Cappakeel Magic, Burrow Rover, Knockeen Crash.


525 – Slaneyaside Jody, Boozed Patrol, Leamaneigh Lulu, Cooleenbee Orla, Young And Gifted, Asea Deesea. 525 – Cuteen Accord, Kilmessan Katie, Orbit, Isle Of Kings, Minglers Trickie, Belmont Raider. 360 – Stanleys Choice, Parkill Matilda, Jossestown Bolt, Nattha, Knockalton Roxy, Foot The Turf. 525 – Try Again Buddy, Assarula Champ, Quality Mark, Twospoonsalice, Headforthebar, Ravenswood Snuff. 525 – Stay In Tune, Young Recruit, Minnies Trixie, Jossestown Hawk, Curious Boy, Lintown Miranda. 525 – Hitachi Rosie, Cuteen Monarch, Assarula Rover, Ballygranne, Mozo Girl, Greek Legend. 525 – Knockroe Heather, More In Tune, Parker Kim, Freedom Nemesis, Lintown Ace, Try Again Ben. 525 – Slaneyside Geini, Hitachi Livia, Liosgarbh Sunny, Pinkies Glory, Leamaneigh Blue, Service Station.

Floating res: Timaru Dots, River Bound, Galtee Millie, Kylenoe Zoey, Jedi Warrior, Tiania For Gold, Vermont, Rosmult Panther, Racey Lacey, Rotterdam, Jogon George, Foulkscourt Ace, Saving The Turf.

TRALEE (7.43)

325 – Anascaul Spirit, Killahan Stone, Jeffs Pharaoh, Gentle Maeve, Dilton Gene, Bearhaven Bo. 525 – Hupsy Riri Ra, David Mixture, Blue Chief, Baltovin Leo, Steeple Rd Paddy, Rathronan Ace. 525 – Kingview Peach, Duarigle Ardaeo, Rushmoor Hope, Toremore Nosey, Knockeen Rusty, Dilton Pearl. 325 – Droumeraghbridge, Discovery Isle, Palenas Chum, Farran Bartoli, Irremore Legend, Misty Healthcare. 570 – Millridge Matt, Deancroft Cash, Ballyglen Tide, Looster Alex, Saleen Magic, Christys Prince. 570 – Letmebelucky, Kiel Razzle, West In Less, Fire Height Hero, Pup Fiction, Millridge Lord. 570 – Deancroft Millie, Rushmoor Grace, Beanos Ellie, Coolavanny Angie, Island Flyer, Tour Ali. 570 – Oneco Impact, Anascaul Bridge, Barefoot Bandit, Killahas Tom, Blackmenu, Clover Blue Boy. 570 – Sullane Fluffy, Golf Walk, Cashen Mickeyjoe, Icandomagic, Fermoyle Bolt, Millridge Leader. 525 – Knockeen Swift, Jeffs Kate, Adamswood Flair, Tyford Impact, Balyfidora Ellie, Steeple Rd Kitty.

Floating res: Manners Patsy, Maggie Dan, Russmur Legend, Local Bolt, Cosmic Queen, Trebel Tanvir, Homestead Falls, Confident Zig, Cisco Lass, Steeple Rd Luke, Boss Man, Carmac Olympian, Brush Dancer, Sarkozy Scolari, Glendale, Cuckoo Choice.


525 – Kick On George, Gaffs Keeper, Telex Chunky, Global Relief, Boderan Duke, Archaton West. 525 – Kokcha Blue, Run It Twice, Rastafari Chic, Heisenburg, Archaton Meadow, Mr Krabs. 525 – Danemark Freddy, Nans Top Boy, Minglers Loch, Sparta Holly, Rastafari Vic, Druids Full Flow. 525 – Alannahs Lady, Killotteran Rio, Archaton Jet, Tober Benton, Proper Pair, Chocolate Chip. 525 – Sparta Brave, Wajas Patch, Fleeting Dream, Abbies Chance, Kilmokea Thomas, There It Was. 525 – Boundforthestars, Gotnewpairshoes, High Bally, Norristown Bud, Ballarue Hawk, Feed Me Oysters. 525 – Kellsboro Dream, Metric Sandy, Dapper Dog, Hedge Trimmer, Butterbridge Dom, Feed Me Scampi. 525 – Outchaboya, Kingsmill Diego, Kingsmill Disco, Frightful Hawk, Salmon Lad, Cruisetothelimit.

Floating res: Hairy Tom, Kilmurry Luke, Listrolin Kiki, Husky Rio, Gallybander, Glenbrook Rose, Arrigle Cody, Rushwee Gold.

YOUGHAL (7.55)

525 – Cavies Luck, Lisnabrin Lass, Dower Crash, Eagle Hill, Oaklands Paddy, Any Boss. 325 – Canvas Zig, Glanrock Sarah, Lisnabrin, Dunbar Return, Witches Drum, Cunnigar Ace. 525 – Coolbeggan Eve, Ardrath Exile, Lazy Tommy, Sorry Bolt, Castlemary Shron, Shebeen Bolt On. 525 – Fairy Popular, Rushmoor Hope, Witches Heat, Miss Shelly, Lads Miranda, Cuddle Scully. 525 – Corrin Sarah, Shanagarry Star, Seaview Smasher, Lads Ace, Canvas Lisa, Witches Raptor. 325 – Dunbar Doc, Shanagarry Vieri, Rushmoor Honey, Canvas Best, Cross Of Copper, Graigavalla Jake. 525 – Brogan Chico, Rising Jet, Lady Caoimhe, Witches Aqua, Butch Popular, Seaview Wizard. 525 – Wagga Breeze, Garryvoe Mick, Canvas Brae, Prodigy Penny, January Frost, Tarrs Special. 550 – Churchtown Tip, Knockglass Jack, Corrin Scolari, Whitty Big Jack, Belindas Ned, Burgess Impact.



525 – Pennys Deanridge (Hondo Black-Bluebell Fantasy) (2) 1/1, Tyrur Supermac (4) 4/5, Alfalfa (5) 2/1, Nushkas Sean Og (6) 3/1, Lisnaboy Lad (1) 2/1. 5L 28.80 (R Price). T€2.70 €1.60 €1.50 F €6.00 T €17.40.

550 – Fastaway Tommy (Black Shaw-Fastaway Jean) (1) 2/1, Lughill Matthew (4) 1/1, Great Gale (5) 3/1, Nans Speedy (2) 4/1, Fane Cutts (6) 5/1, Ground Zero (3) 2/1. 5L 30.19 (N O'Connell). T€6.70 €1.40 €1.80 F €30.00 T €162.80.

525 – Ballymac Ollie (Ace Hi Rumble-Ballymac Polly) (6) 4/1, Wayiseeit (4) 6/4, Meadowview Dove (3) 8/1, Handball Ali (2) 3/1, Knocktoo Kingo (1) 2/1, Willmount Impact (5) 4/1. 0.5L 29.10 (S Murray). T€6.20 €1.70 €1.20 F €13.50 T €66.70.

750 – Kerryroad Ali (Droopys Vieri-Kerryroad Baba) (4) 5/1, Flirtinaskirt (1) 3/1, Starshinerascal (2) 5/1, Tidal Cove (6) 4/6, Woulda (5) 3/1, Blackhall Minx (3) 5/1. 6.5L 43.12 (K McLean). T€7.70 €2.30 €1.70 F €56.40 T €257.20.

350 – Thrill A Minute (Head Bound-Shingaun Stan) (4) 4/1, Whizzing Around (6) 2/1 dh with Driving Seat Dan (1) 2/1, Catunda Alfie (2) 2/1, Ballyhill Pilot (5) 5/4, Skerries Harp (3) 2/1. 3.5L 19.15 . T€7.40 €2.00 €1.70 F €1.40 T €34.90 €13.60 €61.00 €61.00.

525 – Highview Grace (Hades Rocket-Coolemount Flair) (2) 2/1, Reethi Fantasy (3) 5/2, Meg Black Hawk (1) 3/1, Phoenix Legend (4) 5/2, Afternoon Tea (6) 3/1, Brewers Way (5) 3/1. 1L 29.22 (G Merriman). T€3.20 €3.20 €2.20 F €21.50 T €40.50.

525 – Malagwee (Kinloch Brae-Canaska Dubai) (1) 2/1, Lughill Pippa (6) 5/4, Ten Legends (2) 4/1, Blackhall Dancer (5) 4/1, Lady Marion (4) 4/1, Zero Fear (3) 2/1. 5L 28.72 . T€6.30 €1.40 €3.20 F €12.70 T €87.50.

525 – Untangled (Elite State-Personal Pride) (6) 4/1, Gerco Ranger (2) 4/1, Forest Lester (3) 3/1, Jasons Pedro (5) 2/1, Highview Bonus (1) 6/4, Canaska Miner (4) 3/1. 8.5L 29.63 . T€12.90 €4.90 €2.30 F €91.50.

525 – Zero To Ten (Zero Ten-Bluetoon Megan) (3) 1/1, Clydal Nellie (6) 5/2, Hometown View (1) 3/1, Water Garden (2) 3/1, Knockagh Mal (5) 4/1, Neon Flash (4) 3/1. 1.5L 29.40 . T€2.10 €1.40 €1.60 F €8.40 T €33.90.

550 – Sky Blues Boy (Ace Hi Rumble-Dooey Lemon) (6) , Cashon Shiraz (5) , Kilcarrig Cillie (2) , Catunda Charlott (3) . 1L 30.70 (J McCorry(NI)). T€2.50 €1.30 €1.60 F €4.60 T €16.50.


Popular Champ 6/4 29.73; Flashy Legend 1/1 16.64; Madiba 2/1 29.84; Milestone Betty 2/1 29.94; Dry Roasted 2/1 30.31; Sailaway Bobby 2/1 16.56; Live Impact 4/5 29.45; Marlfield Sarah 9/4 29.45.


Dolcino Don 28.93; Whatagreatgang 3/1 18.10; Bold Falcon 5/2 17.98; My Way 3/1 29.36; Lochbo Jane 3/1 18.32; Coolree Romeo 3/1 18.49; Kilmoney Lilly 2/1 29.13; Sheenas Hopefull 2/1 28.89.


Station House 5/4 29.64; Baby Bilko 6/4 29.37; Blackbird Blaze 5/2 29.79; Great Fintano 3/1 29.59; Tycoon Black 4/1 29.41; Gimme Grace 2/1 33.58; Metric Sandy 5/2 29.43; Ballinabola Joy 6/4 30.56; Stargate Vixen 5/4 32.09.


Sixty Two 6/4 30.31; Lingrawn Rose 2/1 30.18; Positive Reward 3/1 22.13; Brigids Girl 5/2 30.74; Dorrha Treasure 2/1 22.67; Hanstown Brae 3/1 30.22; Blue Socks 29.94; Cantkeepmein 29.68; Foyle Fox 21.96.


Robbie Hennessy's appeal against the result of the Martinstown Opportunity Handicap Chase at Clonmel has been successful after his runner-up Mister First was given the race by the Irish Turf Club.

Mister First was beaten half a length by More Madness in the two-and-a-half-mile contest on March 6 and although the stewards held an inquiry following interference between the pair on the run-in, the placings remained unaltered.

However, Hennessy decided to take the case to the Turf Club's appeal body and after hearing evidence from Mister First's rider Ben Dalton, and the jockey of More Madness, Ryan Treacy, the placings were reversed and the result amended.

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