Saturday 24 February 2018

Great and good in 140 characters

Wayne Rooney: Just watching lion king with Kai for the 100th time haha. Still not bored of it though. Think I like it more than him haha

Robbie Savage: At the royal wedding when vic says anybody got anything to say willie should say yes it's robbies last home game tomorrow hurry up !!!

Michael Owen: Like many people today, enjoying a family BBQ making the most of the sun. News filters through about Arsenal losing. Good day all round!

Conor Mortimer: G mac is a legend next move is c mort on the back of my adidas hats :) serious man g mac !

Cian Healy: I'm playing golf in an effort to find a delicate touch.... put the ball in the hole.. how hard can it be....!

Nani: When you fall asleep and leave your phone on the table around the team it is dangerous because the boys write crazy things on your twitter!

Darran O'Sullivan: I officially hate the train... There's signs everywhere saying quiet zone!! Why don't people tell there kids to sit down and hush up!!!

Jermaine Jenas: Turned up at hotel b4 and thought all these fans were for us then we found out justin beiber is stayin here!!!

Tommy Bowe: Back in Dublin rooming with @paddywallace12 ! He is 100% sure Daniel O'Donnell has been asked to headline #Oxygen! Can this be true??

Mossy Quinn: Bikram Yoga class just done -- seriously tough! Better than sitting on the couch doing nothing like @Flinto23 & @bryancullen84

Barry Geraghty: Gr8 craic racing in England today, after the result in the Cricket yest. It's been compared to England beating Ireland in Hurling.

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