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Gourmet Haye mocks Klitschko's 'Miss World' outlook

David Haye's entire organic food and water intake for fight week in Hamburg was driven from London to the German city in a refrigerated van last weekend, with the menu prepared by nutritionist Ruben Tabares after concerns about the E coli outbreak.

"We were worried about E coli, as 37 people have died, but even before the E coli outbreak we had spoken to an organic delivery company about the possibility of transporting David's food over here," Tabares said yesterday.

There was just one small hiccup on Sunday. The temperature in the van was too low and the fruit and vegetables froze. The guy who delivered it realised as soon as he got to Hamburg, made a phone call and drove 400 miles back straightaway. The Organic Delivery Company, who have farms all over England, got everything cut and prepared and met him at Calais and put everything back in the same order. He was back here by the time the press conference started on Monday.

Tabares disclosed that microwaved food is off-limits, and he allows his charge as many small meals a day as he needs in fight week, the staples being organic fruit, vegetables, wild sea bass, wild salmon, swordfish and organic chicken.

At his conditioner's behest, Haye (pictured right) now even eschews normal toothpaste and uses an organic variety due to the sodium fluoride in normal toothpaste being "the main ingredient in rat poison." Even the water is at a certain temperature.

Tabares said: "David's stomach is very settled, he is so relaxed as a person. I also make sure he has the right bacteria and enzymes in his system with daily probiotics, live cultures that I make for him the entire time through training camp. That gives the body the tools to break the food down.

"People say: 'You are what you eat,' but I say, 'You are what you can assimilate'."

Haye, meanwhile, is unsure as to whether Saturday's opponent Wladimir Klitschko will have the stomach for a fight.

"He's like a contestant on Miss World when they come in and talk about world peace," said Haye in relation to the Ukrainian's desire for his opponent to act like a gentleman. "He doesn't seem to realise we're getting in the ring to punch someone in the face and to try to knock them unconscious. If that's how he wants to come across, up to him.

"I'm just focused on trying to knock him unconscious. If I look good, bad, terrible, horrendous before it, it doesn't affect me. Whatever I have said before becomes irrelevant, null and void, academic." (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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