Saturday 25 November 2017

Gillick on...



"Everyone knew beforehand that I wasn't going to run the relay because I'd be ruined after three 400m races, but the way it was portrayed I spat my dummy out! It was like I was Roy Keane walking out on the team. People were blanking me in the hotel lobby. If someone had said: 'Look you're not running, but you should come down anyway and warm up, just to show your support,' I honestly would have done that. I'd got on with all the lads. I don't think I'm a prima donna and that's what hurt most -- people's perception of me suddenly changed after that one incident. It was badly managed and people just got carried away, but thankfully, that's all water under the bridge now."





"I've a good relationship with Rooney, we're mates. But because 2010 was a European (championship) year and we were both going for (400m) gold, a lot of people were saying: 'Oh Gillick and Rooney shouldn't be training together' and I was weak mentally, I listened to that.

The main reason I went to Loughborough was because Rooney was better than me and I wanted him to drag me around the track! He's running the times that are going to make us both better."




"I've come back injured and people (here) are like 'are the others not injured?' Some are, but generally they're not and are running crazy times. The intensity was definitely higher and if you've come though the US collegiate system, you are seriously robust. But I think they are born with some fast-twitch fibre that we just don't have, no matter how hard we train. I'm just thankful I don't do 100m or 200m... looking at these guys, not a hope would I challenge, whereas at 400m the white boy has a chance."



"An incredible species of a man, just unbelievable. He had problems (injury) this year, yet I saw him come down and do a 32.2 second 300m as part of a session, in flats! That equals my training PB in spikes! He's not a big guy, he's a normal guy. People have this image of Tyson as a guy who's a bit dry -- he's not a bit, he's a normal bloke, has the craic with everyone and was very helpful to me at training."

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