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Former team-mate points finger at Armstong

Tyler Hamilton, who yesterday alleged that Lance Armstrong took performance-enhancing drugs when racing for the US Postal team a decade ago, has decided to hand back the tainted gold medal he won at the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Hamilton (right), who tested positive when winning the men's time trial, had escaped on a technicality because the 'B' sample became contaminated.

However, after admitting at a recent Grand Jury investigation that he used drugs throughout his career, he decided to hand the medal back to the USA Drugs Authority.

His confession -- and allegations regarding Armstrong -- will be broadcast in full in a CBS programme, '60 Minutes', tomorrow night. But in edited highlights released as a trailer Hamilton becomes the latest former colleague to point the finger at Armstrong, the seven-times Tour de France winner.

Hamilton rode with Armstrong on three consecutive Tour de France races from 1999, all of which Armstrong won. He retired from the sport two years ago when he received an eight-year ban, his second ban for testing positive in addition to his positive at the 2004 Olympics.

"I saw EPO in his refrigerator," insists Hamilton, who, until this moment has always denied using drugs despite his bans.

"I saw him inject it more than one time, like we all did. Like I did, many, many times. Armstrong took what we all took, the majority of the peloton. There was EPO, testosterone, a blood transfusion."

Hamilton's has also published a letter he sent to family and friends warning them that he would be revealing the full extent of his drug use.

Armstrong and his supporters have furiously denied all the allegations. Armstrong tweeted: "20+ year career. 500 drug controls worldwide, in and out of competition. Never a failed test. I rest my case." (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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