Friday 15 November 2019

Floyd 'Misogynist' Mayweather is 55-0 if you count the women he's abused and beaten

Rachel Beresford believes this man cannot be allowed to be viewed as the face of boxing

Rachel Beresford

SO this morning I woke up to the news that Floyd 'Money' Mayweather is still undefeated - his record now standing at 48-0, just one shy of the legendary Rocky Marciano - proving that he is, as he arrogantly says, untouchable!

Marciano, for many, is one of the greatest of all time - how anyone can claim the same about Mayweather, however, is beyond me.

Here's another record for you: 55-0. That includes Mayweather's wins over the women he has viciously abused and beaten. This man, and I use that term more than a little loosely, who has been promoted, glorified, vaunted on the highest pedestal in the sporting arena in recent weeks, is nothing but a thug.

I take you back to 2001 and Mayweather's fight against Diego Corrales - a man facing jail time himself for assaulting his pregnant wife. Knowing this, and using all of the usual wind-up tactics to get under Corrales' skin, Mayweather dedicated his performance to all "the battered women in the world".

That's rich, Floyd. And I'm not talking about the kind of money rich you are.

Mayweather has been charged with domestic abuse five times since the Corrales' fight.

In case you've been living under a rock and aren't aware of Mayweather's violent history, and are a woman, or even a man, that watched that fight this morning, it'll serve you to know this before you choose to tune in next time.

In February 2001, just a month after that Corrales fight and sickening dedication, Mayweather himself punched the mother of his eldest daughter, Melissa Brim, in the face three times and struck her with his car door.

In August 2003, he assaulted two friends of his then girlfriend and now mother of his three other children, Josie Harris, with a closed fist. Mayweather was convicted for that, yet got off with just a suspended sentence.

That close shave with prison didn't deter the woman beater, though. Because, just like it is when he's inside the ring, beating people, no matter what gender, is second nature to Floyd Mayweather.

In 2005, he was charged with felony battery after beating Harris but these charges were later dropped after Harris recanted her story.

Harris didn't, however, recant in 2010 when, the now 38-year-old, attacked her again, this time IN FRONT of their children.

This time, the full force of the law came down on him. The only problem here being the full force of the law wasn't as strong as the full force of his fist. Two paltry, pathetic months he served before being released on, wait for it, good behaviour! I've been grounded for longer as a kid for not eating my greens!

And in the build-up to this morning's fight, Mayweather brazenly claimed, when asked about his violent past: "I am blessed to be where I am and have I four beautiful children" - four beautiful, innocent children whose mothers you battered in front of their very eyes.

Yet the 'Money Team' keep playing. Mayweather is as untouchable outside of the ring as he is inside it. The greedy goblins that are flaunting this unbearable, despicable man should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

I, for one, did not stay up to watch that fight this morning because I simply refuse to indulge in a man that abuses the sporting talent he has been given to abuse women.

I am by no means a feminist, if anything I'm a tomboy with a very strong opinion. I'm part of the divide, in fact, that says convicted rapist Ched Evans SHOULD be allowed return to football. So my stance is certainly not all 'men are rotten, let's vilify them for the rest of their lives'.

This guy, though, is rotten to the core, unrepenting, unpunished, untouchable. And unlike Evans, or indeed many of the boxers before him who have used their fists outside of the ring, Mayweather is sheltered inside a cocoon of green - protected by the dollar! He's famed for loving his prized posessions, the bling, the cars, the jets... the women.

"How a woman dresses is her advertisement. If a female shows half her body she is asking to be disrespected." And aren't you just the right man for that job, Floyd, you wretched bastard!

If you paid to watch that fight last night, if you cheered Mayweather on, if you had any hand in putting money in that animal's pocket, or the people who benefit from his tyranny, you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

Maybe you weren't fully aware of the extent of Mayweather's crimes, however, maybe you were blissfully unaware in fact. And indeed you can't be blamed for that because the vast majority of the boxing media refuse to report on it for fear of the money train falling off the tracks.

But if you have read this, you are aware now so I urge you, please stop this. Don't buy his retirement fight in September. Don't let him, a man that has left countless women with battered and bruised faces, be the face of this sport.

Make him a pariah, not a pioneer!

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