Wednesday 21 February 2018

Five other times Hulk Hogan proved very controversial

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has had his contract terminated by WWE
Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has had his contract terminated by WWE
Will Slattery

Will Slattery

Hulk Hogan became famous as the clean-cut, all-American good guy during wrestling’s 1980’s boom but the racial slur scandal of the last few days has tarnished his image completely.

Most wrestling fans were shocked when the news of the last few days broke but Hogan has been involved in a number of controversial incidents over his four-decade career in the ring. Here are 5 times the Hulkster got on the wrong side of public opinion.

1) Steroid use

When Hogan first broke into the WWE, steroid use was rampant and the side-effects weren’t completely known. WWE owner Vince McMahon stood trial in 1993 for allegedly encouraging wrestlers to take steroids and for selling them to his athletes, and although Hogan denied that was the case, he admitted in a 2013 radio interview that he took the drugs early in his career.

"It was kind of a wave of what was the correct thing to do at the time," Hogan said. “Doctors would write you a prescription for a steroid, where every sport in the world was doing it and the mindset was, 'it was safer than taking sugar.' Well, everybody's been re-educated. Steroids are for injuries and certain medical uses, but not for bulking up and enhancing athletic ability."
Randy 'Macho Man' Savage, top, has challenger Hulk Hogan in a headlock during a fight in New Jersey in April 1989 (AP)

2) Sex tape

The audio that has Hogan allegedly making racial remarks comes from a sex tape that was originally released back in 2012. The video of Hogan and Heather Clem was published by Gawker Media, and Hogan is currently suing the publication (who also own sports website Deadspin) for $100 million for invasion of privacy.
Former wrestler Hulk Hogan has settled his lawsuit

3) More racial remarks

This isn’t the first time that Hogan has thrown around some racial epithets a little too casually. In a 2012 radio interview with Sirus XM, Hogan relayed a story where another wrestler accidentally called him the N-word live on-air. However, many people criticised the wrestler for telling the anecdote while using the word several times himself.

4) The George Foreman Grill

Maybe not controversial, but a lot of people gave Hulk Hogan stick for passing up a chance at making millions of dollars off the all-purpose grill made famous by George Foreman. As Hogan said on his old reality show, Hogan Knows Best, the duo shared an agent and the wrestler was picking up his kids when he missed a call asking him to endorse the grill. Foreman got the cash cow, while Hogan was stuck with a blender that made absolutely no money for anyone.

5) Hollywood Hogan

Whoever came up with the idea to dye Hogan’s goatee black during his ‘evil’ phase in WCW is one of the most controversial villains in wrestling history.

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