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Fifth race win helps Murphy plot course for silver bid

A fifth race win for Annalise Murphy at Weymouth yesterday sealed her place in this morning's medal race final of the Sail for Gold Regatta. She holds third place overnight, but cannot win gold.

Winning the 10th and penultimate race of the week compensated for an earlier tough result that saw her place 37th. This meant she had to count a 33rd place from the start of the week that had been her single allowable discard.

Silver is possible with a race win, though she faces a battle to even maintain her third place.

Murphy will be the only Irish squad member to reach a medal race final this week. Gold medallist from this venue last August, Peter O'Leary crashed out of the running yesterday along with David Burrows after two bad results.

The pair were disqualified from the first race of the day in the Star class when they were ninth overall and inside the cut for the final.

But a tactical call to sail to the extreme left-hand side of the course backfired when the wind shifted direction to favour the right-hand track and the Cork-Dublin duo were caught at the back of the fleet.

Steady sailing saw them regain some ground to take 20th place, but their overall standing dropped to 12th place.

Max Treacy and Anthony Shanks were out of form contesting the trial this week and never broke into the top 25 in any of the 10 races.

The highly experienced pair were also disqualified from the final race yesterday for 'early starting'.

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