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F1: Mondello magic a snapshot of Senna's genius

In the footage assembled for Asif Kapadia's critically acclaimed docu-movie on the life of Ayrton Senna, it isn't likely that any thought was spared for the September day in 1982 when the great Brazilian driver treated fans in Mondello Park to a masterclass. In Senna's career Mondello Park is a humble footnote, drowned out by three Formula One championships and a controversial death that shocked the world and, to this day, remains keenly felt.

Yet those who were there remember the day with a fondness they could never have countenanced at the time. As Senna's fame spread it seeped into Irish sporting legend and became part-myth, like Munster beating the All Blacks at Thomond Park. "It's funny," says John Morris. "Everybody you talk to seems to have been there the day Senna raced at Mondello Park. But I don't actually remember that many being there at all."

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