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F1: Jenson Button is gearing up for a big performance in Malaysia

Jenson Button sees no reason why McLaren will not deliver in the humid heat of Malaysia after enjoying success in the cool climes of Melbourne.

Button scored his 13th victory in Formula One on Sunday when he triumphed for the third time in four years around the temporary 'street' circuit of Albert Park.

As a platform on which to launch a world title bid this year, the 32-year-old could not have wished for a more solid beginning.

For once at the start of a season McLaren have come flying out of the blocks, with Lewis Hamilton underpinning their success with pole on Saturday, but forced to settle for third in the race.

However, in F1 it might not necessarily follow that just because the Woking-based team were so successful Down Under they will go on to light up the Sepang circuit on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur this weekend.

Button, though, is confident the fears expressed by many of their rivals so far that McLaren are the team to beat should hold true over the course of the weekend.

"Within the team we've talked about Malaysia, and obviously it's a very different place than Melbourne," Button told Press Association Sport.

"I think a lot of people had problems warming up their tyres in Melbourne, whereas we won't have that problem in Malaysia due to the heat.

"So it's finding a good set-up for that circuit and consistency is going to be tricky. It's something really to work on for us.

"But I can't see any reason why we can't get this car working in the heat as well as the cool, as was the case at the weekend when the sun was going down.

"We've a very good understanding of the car, and there's still more to come, but we've only driven it in cool conditions.

"It might completely change when we get to Malaysia, and I'm sure it will, so we've got to be thinking ahead of the game.

"We can't turn up there and think 'we'll just send it out and see what happens'. We'll hopefully be ready for it."

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh has already insisted that will be the case, and has even gone as far as to suggest Button can enjoy a "proper title run" this year.

Button, whilst firmly believing the signs are so far good, is aware of the calibre of the opposition eager to turn the tables.

"There are a few cars that maybe didn't get the best out of what they had at the weekend," added Button

"I'm sure Red Bull are going to be massively quick this race. I don't think qualifying went very well for them, and Seb (Vettel) put his car in the gravel in practice.

"But they were quick in the race, so they're going to be there.

"It's developing what you have and getting the best out of what you have, and they haven't yet, but then I'm not sure we have either.

"Then you have teams like Mercedes, who I don't think have also got the best out of their package, and Lotus, we don't know how good they would have been.

"So I wouldn't write off any of those teams at the moment. I think for the next few races they are going to be very strong.

"It's not just McLaren at the front, we have a lot of competition and that's exciting for us."

As Red Bull team principal Christian Horner remarked this week, the season is poised to become a development race such is the seemingly close-knit nature of the field.

Whitmarsh does not disagree, although is convinced either of his drivers can become champion if McLaren stay ahead of their rivals in the engineering stakes.

"We've two fantastic drivers and a strong team and now it is up to us," said Whitmarsh.

"We can win this if we improve the car at a quick enough rate, so that is clearly what we are going to set out to do."

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