Sunday 17 December 2017

David Haye: I fled Germany because of Dereck Chisora's death threats

BRAWLING boxer David Haye insists he fled Germany in the early hours of Sunday morning because of death threats from Dereck Chisora, who said he would "shoot and burn" his fellow Briton.

Speaking for the first time since the post-fight brawl, Haye said he left Germany because he believed Chisora's threats were credible. German police were unable to speak to Haye, and had contacted Scotland Yard to help trace his whereabouts.

"I heard Chisora say he planned to 'shoot me dead'. I decided to leave the venue and return to my hotel, a move which I hoped would diffuse the situation. However, Chisora's team were staying at the same hotel as me and, in light of the threats Chisora had made in front of the world's media, it seemed far more appropriate for me and Adam to leave the hotel as quickly as possible.

"Consequently, I left Munich on an earlier flight on Sunday morning and have been thinking about what happened ever since, as well as replaying the incident many times via YouTube. It goes without saying, I am bitterly disappointed to have been a part of what transpired on Saturday evening.

Haye agreed that he will assist the German authorities in their investigations.

"I realise I am no angel - and don't mind a bit of professional trash-talk to help raise boxing's profile - but, during my 21 years in the sport, I have never been involved in, or even witnessed, such a serious fracas. If requested, I shall happily assist the boxing authorities with any investigation they wish to launch and, ultimately, hope that all lessons learned from this incident will be implemented"

While the British Boxing Board of Control [BBBC] has announced it has opened an investigation, it has emerged that Haye, suspected of grievous bodily harm, could face up to 10 years in jail while Chisora, under suspicion of malicious injury, could be handed a five-year sentence.

Chisora is also accused of "threatening behaviour" which carries a possible one-year jail term.

"They are both facing a fine or a possible prison sentence," a Munich police said with investigations still on going.

Police in Munich have also said they are ready to seek help from Scotland Yard in order to locate Haye.

Munich Police spokesman Gottfried Schlicht admitted: "We still don't know where David Haye is.

"I don't know whether British police have been contacted yet because that is the job of the court, not the Munich Police.

"We have to ask the court in Munich and the court goes to Scotland Yard or wherever in the UK.

"That is likely to happen but I don't know how long the process will take. My opinion is that it should or will happen as soon as possible but I can't say whether that will take days or weeks. I don't know."

Chisora's promoter, Warren, meanwhile, has said he has no plans to promote any potential future matchup between the two Britons.

"I'm sure down the road that will probably happen now, but I don't feel I could do that," he said.

"Any differences they had, that should have happened in the ring rather than instead of the circumstances it did."

Warren also believes both fighters should accept blame for the brawl which marred Chisora's points defeat to Vitali Klitschko.

"His emotions were high, his face was bleeding," Warren said of Chisora. "But it was unacceptable. I'm not trying to defend him – I'm just explaining the facts and what exactly did happen.

"What happened as far as Dereck's concerned [threatening to shoot Haye] – call it 'street talk', call it whatever you want – it's ridiculous, it's out of order, it's wrong.

"Nobody can condone that. Saying you're going to shoot somebody in front of 250 press, to say the least, is a stupid remark.

"It was unacceptable. Everybody has to accept some responsibility – Dereck Chisora, David Haye, the British Boxing Board of Control, myself."

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