Thursday 19 September 2019

Sam Bennett gives up lead in Tour of Turkey after tough mountain stage in a snowstorm

Sam Bennett. Photo: Getty Images
Sam Bennett. Photo: Getty Images

John Brennan

Sam Bennett finally gave up the lead in the Tour of Turkey today, slipping down the field on the climb to Kartepe in the fifth stage.

Not even a snowstorm - yes, a snowstorm in Turkey in late April - could save the Irish rider’s hold on the jersey. Because of the snow, the riders only did half of the 26km ascent.

But that 13km of relentless uphill pedalling did for Bennett. At least he passed on the lead to team-mate Felix Grosschartner of Austria, who won the stage and will likely win the race when it ends in Istanbul on Sunday.

Bennett will target that stage for a last blast of glory from a race in which he has won two stages and held the lead for four days.

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