Tuesday 22 October 2019

Pics: 'Can anyone tell me what has happened here?' - Former Sky cyclist 'grows new quad muscle'

Greg Henderson's 'new quad muscle'
Greg Henderson's 'new quad muscle'

Lawrence Ostlere

The former Team Sky cyclist Greg Henderson has revealed a bizarre image of the "new quad muscle" which has developed on his left leg following surgery.

Henderson underwent an operation in January while working at the Tour Down Under in Australia, in order to drain 500ml of pus from his thigh after an 18cm tear.

"After 4wks of suffering and not being able to weight bare I finally made it to hospital to have 500ml of puss drained and my left quad muscle cleaned and drained," he wrote at the time. "One last operation now to drain and clean some more and sew it back up."

This week, following a full recovery from successful surgery, the New Zealander posted a picture on his Instagram of the healed part of his leg where a new muscle appears to have grown.

"Basically brand new. Who doesn't believe in evolution! I have evolved a new quad muscle. Ahhhh...quin muscle? #marginalgains," Henderson wrote.

He added: "Can anyone tell me what has happened here? I'd actually love to know exactly."

Henderson, a UCI track world championship gold medallist in the scratch race and a 2002 Commonwealth champion, rode for Team Sky between 2010-11, and now works for USA Cycling.

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