Saturday 18 November 2017

'No-one can bulls*** like the Irish, but the Irish are the first to call bulls***!' - Betsy Andreu on why Kimmage is too smart for Armstrong

Paul Kimmage and (inset) Betsy Andreu and Paul Kimmage
Paul Kimmage and (inset) Betsy Andreu and Paul Kimmage

David Smith

Betsy Andreu has described Lance Armstrong as "a pathological liar, who will stop at nothing".

Betsy is the wife of Armstrong's former teammate Frankie Andreu, and claims she was present when Armstrong admitted to using banned substances to a doctor in the hospital after his cancer diagnosis.

She appeared on Newstalk Breakfast this morning to speak about Lance, and was asked whether he will agree to be interviewed by Paul Kimmage, after Armstrong said on Off The Ball that he'd like to meet the Irish journalist for a beer.

However, Betsy was sceptical about Armstrong's intentions.

Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong

"He Tweeted it out for everyone to see, but when Paul contacted him privately, he never answered Paul," she said.

"Paul is not somebody he can go and get drunk with, and think he can sway him and charm him. Paul is on to him. He's too smart. An Irish friend in Chicago told me 'No-one can bullshit like the Irish, but the Irish are the first to call bullshit'."

Kimmage was one of the prominent figures involved in investigating the seven-time Tour de France winner, and the two were involved in a famous confrontation at a press conference before the 2009 Tour of California.

Andreu also revealed that Armstrong said he couldn't talk about the hospital incident for legal reasons, but later denied having any memory of the exchange.

Betsy, who is now an anti-doping campaigner, also claims the former Olympic bronze medallist refused to meet with her.

"If he was truly sorry, he'd stop lying about us," she said.

"He would have met with me when I wanted to meet with him. He's not going to tell the truth, so I've got to accept that."

Lance Armstrong will be interviewed at the One Zero Conference in Dublin on Friday.

He had suggested on Twitter that Kimmage should conduct the interview, but Kimmage refused the offer, claiming that he wasn't some "clown" who would dance to Armstrong's strings.

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