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Cycling: Stage Four annulled as riders pay respects

Today's fourth stage of the Giro d'Italia will not count as part of the overall race as the riders pay tribute to Wouter Weylandt, who died yesterday.

The Belgian was killed after crashing towards the end of stage three, prompting a day of mourning.

Although the race will resume in earnest tomorrow, today's 216 kilometre run from Genoa to Livorno will be nothing more than a procession with teams taking it in turns to lead the peloton.

Weylandt's Leopard Trek team will cross the finish line first.

"This is not a day for fighting for positions," pink jersey holder David Millar explained before the start.

Earlier, Leopard Trek announced they would continue to take part in the Giro after suggestions they would withdraw.

The team's general manager Brian Nygaard said: "We will start Tuesday out of respect for the family Weylandt and also to share our grief with the world of cycling.

"The boys were totally defeated. If there is anyone who did not want to continue, we accept that."

A moment's silence was observed at the start of the stage and a military band played a bugle tribute to Weylandt, before the peloton set off.

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