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Conor 'The Notorious' McGregor breaks series of records in sport science documentary


Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Fox have broadcast a sports science documentary on Ireland's Conor McGregor ahead of his bout with Dennis Siver in Boston this weekend in UFC Fight Night 59.

The documentary aired on Fox Sport 1 in the US last night and saw the Crumlin native put through his paces at the California State University Fullerton.

Here is the promo video for the documentary.

The Dubliner was tested in three categories; speed, balance and movement.

In terms of reaction speed, he could land a jab in 0.3 seconds and his favourite move, the spinning kick, landed in 0.5 seconds with 38pc more force.... no wonder it's his favourite.



Amazingly, he broke the lab record for a machine called the stabilometer, which measures balance. He managed to keep his balance for 39 seconds with his weight in the centre of the device and that time beat the previous record, held by pro surfer Keanu Asing, by six seconds.



Finally, the lab measured the angular velocity through his hips. The highest score they had seen for this test before McGregor was our own Rory McIlroy who moves at 720 degrees per second. The Dublin featherweight hit 800 degrees per second.

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His results astounded the testers.

Professor of Kinesiology at the university, Dr. Andy Galpin, said: "All we test in our lab is elite level athletes. So what we found out today is not that Conor is elite. He’s elite compared to the elites.

"He has exceptional balance. He’s got amazing movement, he generates movement in the exact right places. He’s incredibly fast and very powerful.

"We don’t see all that in one package ever."

The documentary airs on Setanta Ireland at 9pm tonight.

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