Tuesday 12 December 2017

Conor McGregor v Jose Aldo: What are the repercussions of defeat or victory?

Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor face-off
Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor face-off
Fergus Ryan

Fergus Ryan

UFC Fight Night 63: Mendes vs. Lamas went down last weekend and no doubt there would have been plenty of Irish eyes on the main event between the top featherweight contenders.

After the raucous Dublin stage of the UFC 189 global press tour last week many believe Conor McGregor News">Conor McGregor is taking a mental advantage into his title fight with Jose Aldo in Las Vegas in just over three months.

Added to the mix are former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar who battles for WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber in the Philippines in May.

If victorious, The Notorious will make UFC match-maker Sean Shelby’s job a whole lot easier. If Aldo should reign supreme however, the easiest solution for Mr Shelby and the UFC might be a re-match with the Dublin fighter.

While these are firmly in the realm of fiction untill July 12th, one of the following will probably be the UFC’s next step in the featherweight division.

If Aldo wins…

1. Immediate rematch

Provided the fight is competitive and neither fighter comes out with a long term injury don’t’ be surprised if the pair decide to do battle again. There are huge pay-per-view numbers expected for UFC 189 so the governing body would snap at another chance to cash in on the Aldo/McGregor hype train.

2. If McGregor can't rematch immediately, Aldo moves to lightweight

This has been tabled by Aldo himself as early as 2013 and by UFC president Dana White more recently this year.  The Brazilian, like McGregor,  is a big featherweight and cuts a lot of weight to make 145lbs/66kgs. Another reason for the move up in weight is that Aldo has already beaten the three main contenders (Chad Mendes twice, Urijah Faber twice and Frankie Edgar) convincingly.

If McGregor wins all the named challengers above are back in play…

1. Top of the Queue

Chad Mendes (UFC ranked #1 contender) took a huge step forward by beating Ricadro Lamas (#4) in the first round last weekend. He is the youngest (29) among the main contenders (Edgar, 33, and Faber, 35) and may be deemed the biggest physical threat to the Irishman due to his wrestling prowess.

2. The winner of Edgar v Faber

At UFC Fight Night 66 on May 16th. The winner would slot into a first defence against McGregor if Mendes is injured. If one of them can win in spectacular fashion they could leapfrog Mendes in the pecking order. Though it would be a tall order given the fact that Mendes just stopped a ranked guy in under a round.

Mendes and The Notorious have had some previous, which will add some spice to their possible match-up.

One of the greatest trash talking put downs happened between the two fighters on BT Sport’s Beyond the Octagon. McGregor was jabbing Mendes about his height. Mendes replied by questioning if McGregor knew what wrestling was. The repost was short and sweet.

“I’d rest my balls on your forehead” The Notorious responded.

Check out the exchange below courtesy of BT Sport.

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