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Conor McGregor: Siver is a weird looking, deformed looking guy and I’m going to whoop his ass


Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

First he was a Nazi, now he is a weird looking deformed guy.

Conor McGregor is not one for mincing his words and last night was no different when he was in Boston to promote his January 18 fight against Dennis Siver.

Last week, McGregor was forced to take down a tweet when he called Siver a Nazi but that didn’t stop the Dubliner having another pop.

“It makes it all that much sweeter,” said McGregor about the German’s size.

“Especially when I'm going in against a five-foot-five overblown German that’s too small, too slow and too stocky. It makes all the sense. I like to bully these little people.”

Siver was banned for nine months for testing positive for human chorionic gonadotropin and McGregor claims that use of the drug has left hid disfigured.

“He’s muscular but he’s really small. He’s a weird looking, deformed looking guy. He was caught cheating at one stage in his career.

“He was on the steroids and he got banned for it so I think when you take some of the stuff like that your body becomes weird. You look weird, especially when you come off it.

“Even your head, I believe. So I think he’s a weird looking little German guy and I’m going to go in and whoop his ass in beautiful Boston City. Ireland No. 2 I like to call it.”

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