Tuesday 23 January 2018

Christy O'Connor's view


"Cool heads the whole time, but see what's ahead of us. This is going to be a f***ing war in the trenches. And we better be ready to go over the top to drive these f***ers back."

-- Christy's remarks in the huddle before first championship v Ballyea.


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"Look at us again. We're f***ing dead, heads down, feeling sorry for ourselves again. The same f***ing s**t. Well, we better pick it up because we're going out of this championship if we don't win this game. We need to pick it up now. And we need a bit more bite."

-- Dave Hoey (brother of the late Ger) at half-time v Ballyea.



"Hass (Lorcan Hassett) concocted an acclimatisation drill for Conny (Eoin Conroy). It was a shooting exercise which basically entailed Hass hitting a ball at Conny and then Hass belting him with the hurley as he passed him.

"What are you trying to do to me, kill me?' Conny asked him after the first assault. 'I'm only trying to toughen you up,' responded Hass. 'Because this is what the Magpies (Clarecastle) will do to you.'"



"At one stage I pulled up a stool beside Patsy who was sipping a pint of Heineken through a smile that was lighting up the whole bar. 'Ah Jeez, there's nothing like this,' he said.

'It's just some feeling to win with your own club. All your own buddies. It's not the same with another club. There's no comparison. This is what it's all about.'"

-- Patsy Fahey (Doora-Barefield team manager) to O'Connor after a championship victory over Sixmilebridge.


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"The mood was desperate inside in the dressing-room. Raw, edgy, internal tension -- the worst kind. You could nearly peel it off the walls. Anger with management, anger with the performance.

"Basically, a bunch of guys just seriously pissed off. And in a mean mood. If somebody had said the wrong thing out loud, God only knows what would have happened."

-- Christy's feelings after a defeat to Broadford. Next day the Doora-Barefield team discovered that results from other matches put them through to the quarter-finals.


"As I was running back, my leg didn't feel right. It was sore and blood seemed to be pouring through the sock. So I pulled it down. Jesus Christ.

"All I could see was my shin bone. It was totally exposed, with the flesh having been ripped away in a huge wound."

-- The end to Christy's involvement in the quarter-final against Newmarket.

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